This is a good habit I have gotten into, and it really makes a difference to my lunchtime as I am mostly at a desk all day.

I often bring my lunch from home, but I dislike eating from tupperware and find I will generally eat everything when I do full or not. So I have got myself from cutlery and a plate to keep at work and I always plate up my food.
If possible I will nip out to a park (when tupperware isn’t so bad) or sit at a table away from my workspace but sometimes I do want to stay at my desk and read some personal emails or a blog.


So grab some tableware from home or treat yourself and a stack of napkins… make lunchtime a little nicer.

I swear it makes leftovers so much tastier. And leftovers will always, always be better than a limp sandwich from the shop… and will always save you money when you are buying nice food – I have too many tasty options near my office and could easily spend over £5 a day just on a take-out lunch.


I also have my own glass and mug… it’s the small things that make a difference with my coffee in the AM. 


Do you take your own lunch to work?

I have to add I am looking forward to 9 months of eating at home – I am dreaming of poached eggs and hot pasta every day… well aware once Baby T is here I’ll more likely be snatching bites of anything I can!


I think about this sometimes… when I hear someone be mean or rude to someone they don’t know…

I think that’s awful, you have no idea what is going on in their lives and you could have just made it worse.

Something to think about.


Reminder from here

 This has to be the simplest pleasure of them all, and the best.

I am so excited about the weekend because I have a late start for work tomorrow and no plans on Sunday. I am thinking about staying at home all day, cleaning and tidying and just enjoying my house.

I know one thing is for sure though, I will stay in bed a little longer than usual. With a cup of tea and my book and it will be amazing.

Have a great weekend!


One of my favourite things to do is to sit in a cafe with a big cappuccino.

I used to hate them but over the last few years I have grown to love them, and in fact I get quite annoyed when it’s not done right.

A cappuccino is a shot of espresso, then hot milk then foam. The three parts should be of equal measure. I like mine topped with liberal amounts of chocolate – real shaved is best but good chocolate powder is good.

In Italy, so I am told, you cannot order one after breakfast… they’d think you were a heathen … or a tourist!

A real simple pleasure… ideally the cafe would be on the left bank in Paris but mostly it’s Arch House Deli or the riverstation in Bristol both of whom know how to make an actual cappuccino.

Aiming to enjoy some quiet time myself this weekend.

image from Ex-Press-O via Robyn Thompson

Simple Pleasures… Flowers

September 28, 2012

Another favourite thing, that makes me feel so good is buying flowers for my house…

There is nothing like treating yourself to a little hand tie posy and a few bunches of fragrant blooms to make your home smell amazing.

I am lucky that right now I have a house full after a couple from Dubai left us all their flowers after their wedding last week. Score.

My favourites for small are hyacinth’s and freesia’s and of course nothing is sweeter than a rose.

For a visual impact that you can’t fail to miss I love sunflowers and hydrangea’s at the moment… mostly I love a bouquet put together by someone who knows what they are doing.

My local Sunday farmers market has a great florist so if I am heading there looking for a special Sunday dinner I often pick up myself a little treat but my favourite place to go is Flowers of Stokes Croft

They did my wedding flowers and grow their own British varieties. There is always something unusual in there… not just the standard… I cannot bear germini which seem to be everywhere and in every bouquet so it’s always a delight to visit and walk out with the prettiest unusual flowers.

Image – Park and Cube from Colombia Flower Market… the mecca. I so want to go when I have a ride home so I can buy lots of bunches.

There is nothing better than a pub lunch and a walk in some fields.

This little trip was from that beautiful bank holiday we had, I wish the sun would come back!

A hazy sunny day… A proper country pub with a huge garden is a must.

This was the view from our table.

I grew up in rural Wiltshire. Not quite out ‘in the sticks’ but near enough that I had fields all around me.

Now living in Bristol I am lucky not to be far from green most of the time but I am not in fields very often.

I miss fields like this, totally reminds me of the field behind my house as a kid, with the pond full of frogs spawn and a tree we all loved to climb.

You must love being in fields too? A real simple pleasure.


 This is from the morning we went shopping for my ring.

I had no appetite, I was too excited, nervous and completely overwhelmed.

So I ordered comfort. The breakfast my Mum made for me as a kid, well into my teens.

On an amazing day. I love a poofy cloud.