January 29, 2014

This is why I love writing my diary posts, after a tough day where I didn’t do anything nice I was feeling a little tired and sorry for myself and then I looked through all my instagrams and realised I have done lots of nice things recently…

Of course lots of time with my sweet girl, she loves the deer doll I got her for Christmas (from Sisters Guild in Frome) and smiles and hugs it all the time – and I found the cutest bunny slippers for her last week in Aldi of all places! She won’t be able to wear them for a while but they were too much for me to resist.

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I have a new job and one of my tasks involves blogging about Bristol, how fun! So I have been exploring coffee spots this week… Full Court Press Coffee on Broad Street might be a new favourite. The coffee is delicious and pretty different from most – they have a menu with tastes you might find in each blend like wine almost. Also it is super pretty in there, I love the stained glass window at the back. (The last time I went here my friends ran a trainer store!)

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I cannot drink much coffee but I absolutely adore my daily cup or two… and I love coffee dates with my Mama buddies. Current favourites are Boston Tea Party for their pretty coffees and Zazu’s Kitchen for their seriously thick hot chocolate.

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Another new favourite is At The Well on Stokes Croft, my friend Sofi told me about it and I will definitely be going a lot. The place is all mis-matched china and they give you a biscuit with your cup of tea! I had some amazing American pancakes with bacon and blueberries. The. Best.

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The lovely Ivory Flowers (who I worked with on this event) have opened their store on my local high street – which makes it so much easier for me to get pretty flowers – I got this cute little arrangement this week. (They share the shop with Zara’s Chocolates which I have also visited a lot!)

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I had a marathon shoe trying on morning, I was told by a friend that your feet can get bigger during pregnancy and then not go back to normal… I don’t know if mine got bigger at all or if they have gone back already but I was relived to find my shoes still fit – I was most worried about my tiny sandals that I wore to y wedding but they still fit. *PHEW* In other news Jessica is into my Chanel make up already… jokes.

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We had a visit to Bath at the weekend, to see my parents-in-law for Sunday lunch. We visited Graze which overlooked the railway station. We love Graze in Bristol but this space is beautiful, I loved the brass lamps and the blue subway tile and the roast beef was divine!

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We have been making an effort to eat at the table again… in the mornings we pop Jessica in her buggy (she is not quite big enough for a high chair) and we eat together before my husband leaves for work. In the evening once we have put the babe down we sit and eat dinner together. This has felt like such a treat – I have been lighting all the candles and we have even treated ourselves to a couple of steak dinners! (We got our steaks from Source Food and they were SO GOOD)

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There is a lot of food in this post! I have been having lovely lunches out with my Mum – mostly recently at Boston Tea Party on Cheltenham Road, I love the interior and my veggie burger was amazing. I have to mention my new favourite lunch at home – it’s not a recipe and it is someone else’s idea so it cannot be a recipe post. (Roasted new potatoes and carrots with salad and a poached egg – I was full right through till dinner!)

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I am also resting a lot as night times are still very busy! So we head out most mornings and for lunch sometimes but I try to keep our afternoons free for downtime at home. I drink tea and watch movies under blankets and try to get her to nap. It makes for a rested Mama and a happy baby – she is such a homebody.

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I am so excited that I and a little girl… pinterest pics like these make me so so excited!

I cannot wait to put little ballet shows on her toes…


And sunglasses! (have actually already done this, super cute)


She is going to have so many tutus. I will be gutted if she’s not into dressing up.


But mostly just little sun dresses. When she can walk, this is going to be so cute!


I also want to get some skinny jeans and a cute scarf.


Basically dressing my daughter up is more fun than dressing up myself now!

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Oh Albatross

January 23, 2014

These soft toys are the CUTEST EVER.

I am seeking the little bunny for Jessica’s growing collection.

I cannot rest until I find it.


tdo group-1



tdo group-1-1


January 16, 2014

Lately I have been getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season, my husband is back at work and we are back on getting Jessica into a routine of activities, naps and bedtimes.

We are still all about the baby play-date, we love meeting up with our Mama buddies at Zazus for long mornings and multiple hot chocolates and we love it even more when people bring us ridiculously pretty cakes to eat!

unnamed  unnamed-1

I cannot give up my treats, although I am trying very hard… hot chocolates with frothy cream on top and pieces of toffee and sea salt chocolate with my afternoon cup of tea… if I am lucky Vogue gets a flick through.

unnamed-4  unnamed-5

I am loving having quiet days at home again, I am finding time to clean and rearrange things now and again.. it might take me all day to do one chest of drawers but it’s so satisfying. My new rose gold watch is sitting happily with my perfumes but I really need it resized so I can actually wear it. I feel so grown up wearing a watch!

I have also been writing thank you cards since the 27th of December… I finally mailed the pile today.

unnamed-7  unnamed-12

I got sick last week, that sucked. I always, every year without fail get a cold when the temperature drops. It considered with a baby growth spurt that left me without much sleep. It was fine though my Mum came one day, my in-laws another and my husband made me delicious cold busting curry and ensured I had tons of fruit in the house.

unnamed-2  unnamed-3

One day Jess and I just stayed home all day by ourselves, we didn’t leave the house once. I think she loved it, she’s such a homebody like her Mama. We watch movies together on the sofa including my favourite Great Expectations – made in 1946. I first saw it in school and have loved it ever since.

unnamed-6  unnamed-11

This week has been better, I am walking my husband to his office again and I popped into Small St Espresso for a proper amazing coffee before I headed home – I intend to do this more often.

unnamed-8  unnamed-9

Mostly I am just loving hanging out with my sweet girl, she is becoming more and more fun and we are the bestest friends.

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Mama Fashion Essentials

January 3, 2014

So right now my options are limited due to breastfeeding and  not being back into some of my clothes yet (working on it) but I thought I’d share what I have found useful in terms of clothes.

So working bottom up…

I live in my hightops and biker boots… I am currently looking to upgrade them with these beauties from Whistles for smarter occasions now it’s getting colder.


I like slipping into a little heel when I am going somewhere nice but for stomping with a buggy I highly recommend getting some comfy boots – you don’t want to wear trainers every day and with the beautiful English weather you need to keep your feet dry – you have enough to worry about without being uncomfortable.

I got my boots from Kurt Geiger they are the best on the high street and the sale is on right now, treat yourself Mamas (and non-Mamas!)

I am living in my black skinnies. I have tried to find some blue jeans and skirts but until I am back to myself these are the most flattering, go for a high waist it makes me feel pulled in. ASOS have a great selection of high waisted, soft denim at a great price point – I don’t want to spend much on clothes that won’t fit me for too long.

I have just added these ripped ones to my wardrobe to mix it up a little…


I also have some great postnatal leggings from Emma Jane which are super tight and help in those early jeans to get your tummy flat again.

When out and about I like to be able to feed discreetly, this means I am comfortable feeding anywhere – and I live in my striped Jojo Maman Bebe tops, they are so discreet that once baby is latched on no one can see a thing. Very flattering and comfortable too. I have one in every colour!


I have found it quite hard to find nice feeding clothes, even well known maternity brands don’t seem to make much and when I have found nice things they have been super expensive for a clothing item that I’ll only wear for a matter of months.
Having said that a good top is worth it weight in gold and you’ll live in the ones you like and feel comfortable in. Seraphine do really nice ones (and have a sale on) as do Isabella Oliver and Blossom.

I also recommend stocking up on scarves if you’re super shy like me, they are great for hiding even more as well as stopping baby from getting distracted. My scarf collection is strong!

I love this one from Whistles, am adding to my basket it right now.


You’ll also need a good nursing bra, get yourself measured and get one that fits (no matter how upsetting your new enhanced size might be!) I am repeating myself here but it’s so important to be comfortable, breastfeeding is hard enough without being in pain. I went to Mothercare and the sales assistants were super helpful, I stocked up there as they have a huge selection and then got some pretty ones at Figleaves.

On top at home I am all about loose tees and cosy jumpers… I love my cashmere Whistles jumper for a cosy treat after I have put the little one to bed of course, I do not want accidents on hand-wash only clothing!

I also still, and this is upsetting for me as I used only wear them to the gym, live in leggings at home. I recommend you treat yourself to some nice ones as you’ll be in them a lot. I got some from Hush and Gap.


I also treated myself to some nice loungewear, you’ll be home a lot so get comfy and relish it… as soon as baby is running around I am told I’ll miss these quiet days. I love these;


You may as well be styling while you’re comfy right? A few nice bits have made me feel so much better when I am staying at home, especially when visitors drop by.

Last but not least you need a good coat this time of year. I am living in my Whistles parka (can you tell I am obsessed with this store?) you need pockets and a good hood and this is perfect. Parka’s are everywhere right now and it was the best investment.


I’d love to hear any more Mama tips for clothes… especially for going out to dinner etc (something I have not done much of) and the future stages!