I might be seriously in love with these…

So special


Available from Shopbop

I had to share this wedding… it’s insane gorgeous, and that dress… so frothy!





So much love for the nuzzling horses and the sleigh ride!

Go check the post at Poppytalk for the full low-down and more photos.

I have made recipes from the House in the Hills blog before, Sarah Yates makes amazingly tasty super healthy food.

When I saw this soup recipe I had to have it. 


I didn’t actually make this, my Husband did as I was back late… so I cannot tell you anymore than Sarah does…

You need;
2 tins black beans
1 medium onion
2 carrots
4 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons cumin
1/4-1 tsp cayenne pepper  to taste, we used 1 tbsp
1/4 tsp cinnamon
sea salt
coriander & red onion to garnish (optional)

Now click-through to Sarah’s blog to see the how to, it’s very easy and I can vouch for the tastiness, and its super good for you!

We followed her lead and had it with tortilla chips, it’s so thick its a great idea.

A little recommendation today… we stayed in this hotel back in November but I just found these photos.

The main reason why this is such a great find was the price, we paid £115 for a room in London in a cool hotel. The rooms are small, granted, but most in London are and you still pay a premium.

The lobby is very cool…


There are lots of little areas to sit and relax in, in the huge lobby. Spots that you actually want to. I think this is a great attention to detail as the rooms are small this lobby area is quite important. 


decor  gun

When we returned from our evening out we very much enjoyed having cocktails by the fire (again good prices, expensive but in the London bracket not the hotel bracket)… 


chairs  chair2

The bar is open 24 hours, which again is good as the location in the South Bank is not bustling late at night… 




The rooms are small but comfortable, a little like pods. The bed takes up the whole of the end of the room and the bathroom is another small pod within the room.

We loved the toiletries,  the fact you can control everything in the room from the tablet as well as go on the internet, the mood lighting was very fun as well.

The beds are pretty awesome.


So next time you need to stay in London you can’t really go wrong with Citizen M, I think the prices may have gone up a little as we visited when it was brand new.

They have other locations too… I for one cannot wait for Paris to open!

Swoon Round Up

January 25, 2013


I am having lunch with my Mama tomorrow, after not seeing her for so long (stupid snow) we are planning her birthday party and a trip to Paris!!

I love these necklaces, I want a little S. In fact her whole range is amaze!

This site is my go-to on my coffee break… this giff had me and a friend in tears yesterday (afternoon hysteria)

I am going to bulk order some Fresh lipbalms, there is no mail order in the UK, but if you email their London store they will send you your order! I also want the new face masks and some perfume. Love their stuff.

I have been drooling over lots of hotels on Tablet, dreaming of a summer get-away

I really want to make this, I have a real thing for peanut butter at the moment.

Coveting some of these PJ’s they are super bright and remind me of summer!

Stocking up on some more Lahloo Tea’s on a trip to their Pantry last night, I cannot recommend them highly enough

I so want to wear these red lips on a night out soon!

A favourite new Etsy stationary find

Photo from here

I have already talked about my desire to visit Greece here

I blame it all on Sarah Yates… her honeymoon looked so beautiful and the hotel she recommended is going straight to the top of my list…

How nice?!

Here it is; The Melian

I think I may hvae persuded my Husband that a little break to Europe this summer would be nice, so now I just have to check availability!



I had to share this treat from 100 Layer Cake… so colourful, my favourite!  



That’s their son, how cute is his outfit?!



The bride is super stunning is this photograph… 


And celebrity guests! 



I just love it, it looks like it was amazing fun.