Valentines – him

February 11, 2015

Valentines - him

Valentines – him by sallylouisetelford featuring an iittala glassware


Old English Company

January 8, 2014

I absolutely adore this Etsy store… they have so many cute prints…


This print would be great in a sophisticated but fun kitchen…


We have the below two in Jessica’s nursery which we customised to fit in with her rainbow colour scheme.

il_570xN.411076009_k5sh il_570xN.459032279_ctc8

Old English Company


November 15, 2013

So lately… I have been so very busy… doing what feels like the easiest yet toughest job ever.

She’s a bit of handful… and the sweetest little girl ever.

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We try to do one thing every day, whether that be meeting friends for coffee and cake, or have the Grandparents visit or a baby group etc, but no more than that… we need lots of quiet time – we are treating this as a fourth trimester. The times when I haven’t given her enough contact time with me… we have both suffered for it. It is so important!

I am having tons of fun dressing her and arranging her things in her room. She has so many wonderful things already.

89b4403e487011e3aec5128fd569807c_5  dafe765c3ca011e3ada322000a1fbcdb_5

Some days she even lets me grab some lunch, I am addicted to boiled eggs as they are easy and if she changes her mind then I can eat one-handed.

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Those times when she’s not so keen I kinda snack on naughty things… newly obsessed by these chocolate covered marshmallows. So good.

e7a6866c47a211e3ba1a0ecec7883c5c_5  3503de7a3b2b11e3af3c22000aa80233_5

She is still receiving the most awesome gifts, I cannot thanks friends and family enough for everything, she is too lucky. As am I, there have been many gifts for me also.

785868ae38af11e3bed922000ab69b68_5  2e496f662cfb11e3a66122000a9f0a06_5

Her Grandma and Nana are knitting up a storm, these two could seriously open a shop they are so good. Jumpers, blankets and the cutest sleeping bag. I am truly going to look after these and keep them forever.

b1f2667c29ec11e3a7d422000a9e0846_5  cd5374922fff11e3887422000ab68f87_5

When she is asleep on me there is no moving, so I watch movies and tv or read. I have read so many books since she arrived… it feels like the biggest luxury.

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And my amazing Mr is still on cooking duty most of the time, I do when I can but it’s not often and when I do I often get interrupted so I normally make quick and simple dinners meanwhile he is making shrimp tacos and full on roast dinners.

The best guy.

92a6f57a498711e390100ef81bb7e94a_5  15845b0844a211e3bf8122000a1fd13e_5

This week I am catching up with my work bits and figuring out when I can find some time to blog… I miss it here!


Six Months on…

June 18, 2013

So I am about to hit the third trimester of my pregnancy, the first 4 months were long and slow, and tough, but the time since then has flown by.

Baby and I are still being spoiled, my beautiful god-children each picked her a present, they are so lovely.

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I am really starting to grow now, there is no hiding the bump anymore.

I am living in my Topshop maternity jeans (best buy ever) and loose tees from Gap and dresses from ASOS and Isabella Oliver, throwing in tighter things now and again when I am feeling brave!

I definitely have a couple of preferred outfits, and staying smart for work is getting difficult, more shopping needed soon to dress this growing bump.

See my Mama-style inspiration here –



Little tasks I used to take for granted are becoming slightly difficult, nothing I can’t handle yet but I do find I need a little more time to get from A to B when I am walking and once again I am having to remember to have snacks and not to over-do it. Hunger and tiredness do not a happy Mama-to-be make.

There are lots of people around me who are pregnant too which is wonderful, some ahead of me, some behind but it is great to have lots of people to talk to and ask advice.

We are still not fully prepped yet due to holidays but I returned home from Paris to find that my Husband had painted the nursery (gold star to him), and then home from work yesterday to find it all finished and furniture in (lots more brownie points to him) so it is full steam ahead from now on… lots to do to make the little ones room beautiful and cozy and lots to buy too!

This my inspiration for the nursery;


You can see all my nursery pins here;

I did kind of want a dusky pink and gold room once I found out it was a girl but I do always gravitate towards bright colours, plus my Husband is happy with this look too.

All white walls with bright everything else basically. Very excited to get started.

I LOVE these!!



Biggie the cat likes to climb on our roof (when we let him) so I’m not sure these are a good idea… but I would love them on my house!

Spotted at Design Boom

Last Week…

January 22, 2013

This post is a little late, I was ill most of last week so took yesterday off to recover…

Last week started off so well… we made some delicious dinners, meatballs with an amazing tomato sauce from scratch, and a new Mexican favourite from A House in the Hills which I will share with you soon. 

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We also started off with beautiful blue skies, and I have a really lovely lunch time walk… later in the week we all know what happened, just as beautiful but not quite as easy to walk around in…

2971bf505f5311e28e5722000a9f195f_5  a314d532615011e2ad1322000a9e28e6_5

I am afraid dry January ended, one particularly cold night my husband and I were out for an early date and decided a beer was just what we wanted so we decided to stop being miseries and have one. It was gooooood, a dark chocolate-coffee tasting stout at Brewdog, then we went and ate a mountain of Thai food at a pub (probably one of the few palces that does good Thai food in Bristol) and were both immensely happy… 

93ed78205ffc11e2968922000a1fbe74_5  136c1c0e601711e2aa3022000a9e2931_5

Biggie was super cute and looked after me while I was ill, sitting with me… I tell myself that’s what he was doing he was probably more worried about who was going to feed him… 

4f1f2fc2601a11e2912322000a1f933e_5  f615a81a618c11e2a55d22000a1fbcd5_5

On Saturday we made a trip to our local high street, tackling the ice and snow in our Wellington boots to get supplies… we hit the green grocers, the local deli and Marks Bread… where we brought all the food…

I had thick hot chocolate and croissants and then later a sausage roll… Marks Bread’s sausage rolls just become my new favourite in the city…

2f3ce0d4623411e2a2fe22000a1f8ce3_5  d94f280a623b11e2831222000a9e08e7_5

There was much tea drinking and chocolate eating, magazine and book reading and grooming… I was trying hard to rest but also distract myself from feeling too rubbish and therefore being a grump… 

29834cc25f4c11e2935222000a1fb825_5  fbd5ef145e6a11e2a0d522000a1f970a_5

Then Sunday I baked a carrot cake, again nice easy tasks to keep me busy and keep me warm… and we met some friends for breakfast at our favourite spot… I swear their full English is getting bigger!

e19a0620624e11e2a6b122000a9f3070_5  4579d818630e11e282c522000a1fa433_5

Biggie got to the point where he was super bored of being stuck inside and spend most of yesterday mewing at me and wandering around after me… he has been out in the snow but I don’t think he’s too keen… he went back to snuggling after a few hours of moaning… 

8a0cb68e625611e2b1d222000a1fb859_5  ada7b28863e611e28a1722000a9f0a0c_5

Then we spent the evening making French onion soup (which takes hours) and drinking some delicious French wine given to us by our in-laws… Saint Emillion is my favourite…

Perfect Sunday evening action.

929eb1a061a011e2b39e22000a9d0df1_5  dc1c4500632f11e2b44322000a1f92df_5

I am back to full health now I think, stupid temperature drops get me every year!


Another Bond-equse jaw dropping house…

Lets jet away for a moment… 




Lets imagine reclining on that long sofa with a glossy and a long cocktail… 

Dipping your toes into that pool with the sun on your face… 


Before diving in… 





Spotted on Design Boom