These are amazing, totally bookmarking these for the babe’s future birthday party’s (which by the way I cannot wait for!)




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Baby Shower

August 7, 2013

 Last week my very lovely and generous friends Sarah and Michele threw me a baby shower…

They gathered a group of girlfriends and we all went to one of my favourite places; riverstation for mezze, bubbles and cake…


Sarah had gotten us all the tastiest cupcakes, all decorated with prams, bows and babies…  


It’s so good to have occasions to bring lots of friends from different groups together, all my ladies in one place was so fun… 



It was a very girly affair, there were huge displays of pink peonies and hydrangea’s from Michele (thanks to Edward Allen), pink polka dot balloons, streamers and confetti… 



The food was great, lots of middle eastern mezze, vegetarian bites and chips! 

food michele

I love these photos, so many faces that look like they are getting some very juicy gossip… 

ockysaraaoife rachsami



…and these, I just know Sarah said something outrageous but I cannot remember what it was… 


 But I can tell by our faces it was good… 


Then I opened presents, I mean seriously amazing presents. A huge thank you to all of my wonderful friends for coming and for the gifts for Baby T, she is a very lucky girl and I cannot wait to dress her up in all the cute things.  


My very grown up 5-year-old (when did that happen) godson helped me open my presents, a good job too or we would have been there for a while.  I didn’t get photos of them all…


Little vans from Sofi! 

A little designer keepsake too…


Then we all played a couple of baby games, finished the bubbles and ate the cake and I went home very overwhelmed and cried over my gifts! 


So very lucky! HUGE thanks to Michele and Sarah for the shower and also to everyone for coming. Also big thank you to Hamish our only male guest who came to take these lovely photographs.



July 16, 2013

I have had a lovely couple of weekends recently… despite being 7 months pregnant and getting bigger every week I am still enjoying the sunshine,if not the heat.

I had to miss St Paul’s Carnival this year, a big Bristol event, as it was my God-daughters 3rd birthday party. I was very glad of something nice to do instead as I don’t think I would have had fun with the huge crowds given how hot it was, and the fact that I couldn’t get involved in the rum punch.

The party was at King’s Weston House… an amazing new wedding venue that is in the process of being renovated, the front has just been cleaned and looks beautiful.

I loved the styling of the party room and the fact there’s not much furniture made it perfect as all the children were able to just bolt around the room to their heart’s content… that’s when they were not running around the huge green lawns!

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Star was a fairy princess and was super cute all day, she has the prettiest pink frosted four layer cake that tasted even better than it looked… 

f3bcdf5ae66d11e2ba9922000a1f9c9a_5  0fdf9290e66e11e2971f22000a1f8c25_5

I’ve had lots of countryside, with a friend’s birthday BBQ on the Ashton Court Estate and a visit to Chew Magna… England’s rolling green hills are so lovely when its blue skies and sunshine. 

5c0f79eee67011e28e6622000a9f0a1a_5  7c79bfa8e70811e2bab822000a9f3c25_5

We visited The Pony and Trap again and I had exactly the same Sunday lunch as I had last time we went. How boring of me… how delicious it was! 

65402e2ce72011e2a34522000ae80008_5  c7837364e72011e2990022000aeb0f0c_5

I have been working hard to stay hydrated – a tip for any fellow preggo’s, the more you drink the less puffy your ankles will be.

I am as obsessed with watermelon juice as I am on holiday and my Mr is keeping a big supply in the fridge, also pineapple juice and soda is rocking my world… especially when I have fun straws to use. Who needs cocktails? 

1696af46e7af11e29dbc22000a1f9e59_5  743f2346e96f11e283fe22000a1fa511_5

I have had the odd treat in the form of a white wine spritzer, I had a really great Sauvignon Blanc, topped it up with a lot of soda and then threw in a handful of frozen grapes… this is the best thing ever. Go freeze some grapes right now.

Also staying cool even in the shade is just not possible sometimes so I have been retreating inside to lie down a fair bit, spritzing myself with my favourite cooling spray. I need some for my feet!

72f4db34e72b11e28aa422000a1fbcf5_5  b49b261ee73111e2997822000a1fd57c_5

And of course when the sun is out everyone loves to BBQ, we had three last weekend. My husband made jerk chicken, and we smoked some chicken legs over hickory woodchips (YUM), we had burgers, sausages, corn on the corn, roasted mushrooms, potato salad and a ton of radishes… I could eat like this forever. 

eabc16a6e9a011e2a57122000a1fbe0e_5  b195f620eb2c11e29ecd22000aaa08de_5

This weekend we mostly stayed at home (BBQing) so I made little comfy spots in the shade, we went and got me a comfy sunlounger and a paddling pool, some friends dropped by and I was pretty happy hanging out in the garden. When I was brought a watermelon juice and more BBQ food I was pretty much in heaven. 

41c9d0f6eba311e2805e22000aa82060_5  61a91548ebcc11e2a5e422000aaa08f8_5

I also got to visit a wonderful flower farm last week – Organic Blooms are exhibiting at the Eco Wedding Fair this year and so we went to visit and see what they are all about, it’s an amazing project and I can’t wait to share with everyone what they are doing. Look out for the blog post coming soon on the Eco Wedding Fair site

3b3235f8eb8f11e2b12d22000a9e295b_5  7b35d326eb8f11e29d2822000ae9062a_5

Long continue this wonderful summer, but if I could have a cool breeze following me around that would be great!

I had to share this one with you, so amazing, and so different from the western white wedding… and looks like a real party was had…







This wedding was featured on Poppytalk, go check out the full post with more beautiful photographs here

All photos by Celine Kim.

I ADORE this colourful French themed photo shoot from Green Wedding Shoes… the rustic style and the colours are my favourite for weddings.

Nothing too perfect and lots of COLOUR! 






I want to dive into this photograph and eat this lunch… 





Check the rest of the shoot on Green Wedding Shoes

My New Year…

January 7, 2013

I hope everyone had a great New Year!

We had tickets to a party in Bristol, one where the location is keep secret until the day. They are legendary.

We invited everyone coming to our house first for Mexican food and drinks…

378e5d28538711e284c322000a1fbca9_5  bf1e4adc56b611e2a97a22000a9f18aa_5

Then we got in taxis and headed to a mansion just outside of the city for the party, it was kinda hard to find!

6001796c539f11e2a73522000a1faf50_5  1a2f7250540211e2826f22000a9f13e9_5

The promoters always go to so much effort, there were multiple party rooms and bars inside, plus you could explore the house freely, then another party in a marquee that looks like an igloo, a bonfire with seating around to keep warm in the garden plus a hut at the back selling hot cider and a seat away from the madness.

My favourite part was some stairs into a tree, and this cocktail caravan.

Their cocktails ruled.

4d0730aa540211e2914022000a9e0903_5  9d58f4da540211e28ad722000a9f1498_5

b98242c4540211e2957d22000a1fa40f_5  871c5824540211e2807c22000a1fba57_5

It was a loooong night, but so much fun. I will never forget dancing to Prince for the first tune of 2013 with everyone and celebrating 4 years of being with my Mr.

We had a few friends to stay and the next day was all about recovery.

I made bacon and eggs for everyone, and we drunk gallons of tea and coffee.

Then mini burritos, pink lemonade and bubble baths…

3598a350543d11e29a5822000a9f15d4_5  3d5431fe55e111e2a50222000a1fb870_5

Before the ultimate hangover activity; red wine, Indian food and movies.

df162978545311e2996322000a9f1313_5  c6ed15a4544f11e2abce22000a1f96d4_5

Highly recommend the above wine, if anyone knows where I can get more do let me know, and food from our favourite delivery spot; Krishna’s Inn, best we have had at home by a mile. They make really authentic (so I am told) Kerala dishes.

Happy New Year once again… hope yours was as fun as mine!

I love how this sugar sweet wedding party head into a moody manor for this wedding… fitting for today’s grimey weather.

Spotted at 100 Layer Cake


I love these shots of them running around the big empty house…

2  3

4  5



Looks like a great party.

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