Jage Jagger Rings

July 29, 2011

These are beautiful!

This one is my favourite!

Available from Matches



Pink Booties

July 28, 2011

These are just ridiculous!

From Alexander McQueen of course.

I want them I want them I want them.

Available from My Theresa


I love this informal, fun wedding. It is still beautiful, this photographer has given the day a dream-like light.

The flowers are just gorgeous, and so are the bridemaids in their cute robes!

I love this shot, it looks like their all still getting ready much better than a perfectly posed shot

Sparkly Louboutins. *faint*

Red hair. Swoon!

An actual wedding breakfast – breakfast! Cute!

The scenery around them is just drop dead beautiful.

Cake and more pretty details.

Swoon swoon swoon!!

Spotted at 100 Layer Cake

Very late on these, spotted them in a magazine… I wish I had some for my wedding!

Too pretty! They are by Georgina Goodman but I can’t seem to find any now, not sure how many seasons old they are *sob*

Sadly Georgina Goodman has gone into administration, but this means there is a sale on check the site for details, and it looks as though something is being worked out so the company will continue.



July 25, 2011

Go and see it.

That is all.

(Seriously loved this movie, so so funny and like real life… so on point and I loved that I can go and see it with MY BRIDESMAIDS!)

I have been twice already!

A Quiet White Home

July 25, 2011

I saw this house on Poppy Talk who saw it on Marie Claire Masion.

The garden is lovely, there is water, trees, a swing and a big table… pretty much all my dream components of a garden. If I can one day have those things I will pinch myself every day!

It is gorgeous. I am a lover of brights but when I think about what I want my actual home to be like I lean more towards woods and whites. It’s calming.

This kitchen, I die!

And I can so see myself having a little quiet time here with a coffee like this lady…

See the Poppytalk love here and the original post with more photos of this beautiful home here

Major Swoonage!

Eidel Precious

July 22, 2011

These rings are beautiful, and as far as engagement rings go great value… Because of the materials used I guess (Semi-precious stones not diamonds) so if you’re not worried about the stone but how it looks these are just amazing.

This is just like the style of my ring 🙂

I love the soft colours with the brights.

The last one is my fave (bar-ing my actual engagement ring!)

Check out the shop on my favourite market place Etsy