Sick Day…

November 7, 2012

This week is a little jumbled… I wasn’t feeling right yesterday so no recipe… I posted something I had already written… today I am even worse.

I have the flu, the flu I have been so careful not to catch… So apologies, hopefully I’ll be back very soon.

For now its tea and lying down for me…




Last Week…

November 5, 2012

Phew, I am kinda glad last week is done… it was too busy for my liking.

I had a quiet Halloween, I was preparing for the end of a big project on the Saturday so had tons of work so no big plans could be had. Instead I had a friend over for dinner, a little break was necessary.

We got a pile of chocolate for little trick or treaters and ate batman cheesecake…


I also made time to pamper myself, so important and I had to have a haircut before my big event. My stylist Jo at Mack Daddys on G. Road is the best.

My new True Grace candle is bringing the scent of shhh… whisper it Christmas, into my house.


Then the event was here – The Eco Wedding Fair, something I have been working on since late May, that’s more planning and time than my own wedding took! I think I was more nervous too…

Friday night was spent making sure everything was ready at riverstation and packing our goody bags for the brides with all of the goodies people sent us. 


Some companies were so generous,  as well as tons of posh beauty samples some lucky people got a £5 riverstation voucher and one lovely photographer hand wrote out discounts for all attendees!


We also had goodies from The Mews arrived (who doesn’t love to play dress up in wedding dresses) and a fab gift from the lovely Rachel Goodchild in the form of a pretty wedding planner notebook – which will be my riverstation book for the new year. 


So Saturday bright and early I went to riverstation and ran around like a headless chicken for a couple of hours helping get everything ready… then I was welcoming our guests for the rest of the day, I hardly left the door at all!

It was a lovely job, brightening people’s day by handing out champagne and goody bags loaded with stuff!


We had a wedding theatre, the two brides wandering around thanking everyone for coming to their wedding was hilarious. They wore beautiful handmade dresses from LK Bespoke Bridal… who is just the most talented lady. She takes unwanted dresses and adds a corset – that she makes, and makes them amazing again… I really would like a flower power corset! 


The bustle on this lilac dress is too cute… and to the right the fluffy flower dress that makes me want to get married again… in the woods in spring! 


 There were so many beautiful exhibitors, I cannot wait to get the official photos and show you all!


So many tasty treats too… Ice cream from Copoazu Ices and cakes and canapés from riverstation… bet you wish you had come now hey!


Our pastry chefs kill me, that cake on the left… we’ll come back to that shortly.


It was an amazing day and I had so many brides give such amazing feedback, it was a lovely feeling. It always is to see an event that you have worked hard on come off so well, and for everyone to get what you are doing too.

I went home exhausted laden with gifts… and a big slice of that cake. Which is amazing. If you get married with us, get your cake with us, easy and AMAZING.

I poured myself a big glass of wine and snuggled with my Husband and Biggie on the sofa for the rest of the evening. 


I really did do well, we had L’Occitane visit us too with their own goody bags, one of which of course I had to snag, I also got given lots of lovely flowers from our florists Pom Pon and Ivory Flowers. Their stands were so beautiful and the roses… the scent is filling my house. 


Sunday I was still tired, I am such a weakling!

I woke up and forgot about my fasting rules (no eating between 8pm and 12pm) and made myself huge mugs of tea all morning and ate poached eggs on toast with lots of sea salt.

I made a fuss of my poor husband who has been ill all week, and has rib damage from his training and been neglected by me… 


Then it was family duty, I jumped on a train with a coffee and some horror stories… (what if Romney wins!?) and went to visit my Grandma with my Mum… she is in a home as she had dementia…

It was so lovely to see her and she is finally settling.

It’s sometimes been heart breaking to visit but yesterday was great, talking about my Grandad and looking at old photos. She’s so wonderful, as is my Mum who visits her so much more than me. Lush day.


I feel like I need another weekend after that one!


 This has to be the simplest pleasure of them all, and the best.

I am so excited about the weekend because I have a late start for work tomorrow and no plans on Sunday. I am thinking about staying at home all day, cleaning and tidying and just enjoying my house.

I know one thing is for sure though, I will stay in bed a little longer than usual. With a cup of tea and my book and it will be amazing.

Have a great weekend!


Tea Infuser

March 10, 2011

I love loose tea, it is so much better than those dusty teabags… but when at work with other people making me tea I cannot ask them to mess about with loose tea.

This would be great.

I could just hand them a tea bag filled with yummy loose tea!

So stylish as well.

Found on Moma Store