January 29, 2014

This is why I love writing my diary posts, after a tough day where I didn’t do anything nice I was feeling a little tired and sorry for myself and then I looked through all my instagrams and realised I have done lots of nice things recently…

Of course lots of time with my sweet girl, she loves the deer doll I got her for Christmas (from Sisters Guild in Frome) and smiles and hugs it all the time – and I found the cutest bunny slippers for her last week in Aldi of all places! She won’t be able to wear them for a while but they were too much for me to resist.

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I have a new job and one of my tasks involves blogging about Bristol, how fun! So I have been exploring coffee spots this week… Full Court Press Coffee on Broad Street might be a new favourite. The coffee is delicious and pretty different from most – they have a menu with tastes you might find in each blend like wine almost. Also it is super pretty in there, I love the stained glass window at the back. (The last time I went here my friends ran a trainer store!)

unnamed-2  unnamed-3

I cannot drink much coffee but I absolutely adore my daily cup or two… and I love coffee dates with my Mama buddies. Current favourites are Boston Tea Party for their pretty coffees and Zazu’s Kitchen for their seriously thick hot chocolate.

unnamed  unnamed-1

Another new favourite is At The Well on Stokes Croft, my friend Sofi told me about it and I will definitely be going a lot. The place is all mis-matched china and they give you a biscuit with your cup of tea! I had some amazing American pancakes with bacon and blueberries. The. Best.

unnamed-4  unnamed-5

The lovely Ivory Flowers (who I worked with on this event) have opened their store on my local high street – which makes it so much easier for me to get pretty flowers – I got this cute little arrangement this week. (They share the shop with Zara’s Chocolates which I have also visited a lot!)

unnamed-7  unnamed-6

I had a marathon shoe trying on morning, I was told by a friend that your feet can get bigger during pregnancy and then not go back to normal… I don’t know if mine got bigger at all or if they have gone back already but I was relived to find my shoes still fit – I was most worried about my tiny sandals that I wore to y wedding but they still fit. *PHEW* In other news Jessica is into my Chanel make up already… jokes.

unnamed-8  unnamed-9

We had a visit to Bath at the weekend, to see my parents-in-law for Sunday lunch. We visited Graze which overlooked the railway station. We love Graze in Bristol but this space is beautiful, I loved the brass lamps and the blue subway tile and the roast beef was divine!

unnamed-3  unnamed-2

We have been making an effort to eat at the table again… in the mornings we pop Jessica in her buggy (she is not quite big enough for a high chair) and we eat together before my husband leaves for work. In the evening once we have put the babe down we sit and eat dinner together. This has felt like such a treat – I have been lighting all the candles and we have even treated ourselves to a couple of steak dinners! (We got our steaks from Source Food and they were SO GOOD)

unnamed-1  unnamed

There is a lot of food in this post! I have been having lovely lunches out with my Mum – mostly recently at Boston Tea Party on Cheltenham Road, I love the interior and my veggie burger was amazing. I have to mention my new favourite lunch at home – it’s not a recipe and it is someone else’s idea so it cannot be a recipe post. (Roasted new potatoes and carrots with salad and a poached egg – I was full right through till dinner!)

unnamed-2  unnamed-3

I am also resting a lot as night times are still very busy! So we head out most mornings and for lunch sometimes but I try to keep our afternoons free for downtime at home. I drink tea and watch movies under blankets and try to get her to nap. It makes for a rested Mama and a happy baby – she is such a homebody.

unnamed-4  unnamed-5




January 16, 2014

Lately I have been getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season, my husband is back at work and we are back on getting Jessica into a routine of activities, naps and bedtimes.

We are still all about the baby play-date, we love meeting up with our Mama buddies at Zazus for long mornings and multiple hot chocolates and we love it even more when people bring us ridiculously pretty cakes to eat!

unnamed  unnamed-1

I cannot give up my treats, although I am trying very hard… hot chocolates with frothy cream on top and pieces of toffee and sea salt chocolate with my afternoon cup of tea… if I am lucky Vogue gets a flick through.

unnamed-4  unnamed-5

I am loving having quiet days at home again, I am finding time to clean and rearrange things now and again.. it might take me all day to do one chest of drawers but it’s so satisfying. My new rose gold watch is sitting happily with my perfumes but I really need it resized so I can actually wear it. I feel so grown up wearing a watch!

I have also been writing thank you cards since the 27th of December… I finally mailed the pile today.

unnamed-7  unnamed-12

I got sick last week, that sucked. I always, every year without fail get a cold when the temperature drops. It considered with a baby growth spurt that left me without much sleep. It was fine though my Mum came one day, my in-laws another and my husband made me delicious cold busting curry and ensured I had tons of fruit in the house.

unnamed-2  unnamed-3

One day Jess and I just stayed home all day by ourselves, we didn’t leave the house once. I think she loved it, she’s such a homebody like her Mama. We watch movies together on the sofa including my favourite Great Expectations – made in 1946. I first saw it in school and have loved it ever since.

unnamed-6  unnamed-11

This week has been better, I am walking my husband to his office again and I popped into Small St Espresso for a proper amazing coffee before I headed home – I intend to do this more often.

unnamed-8  unnamed-9

Mostly I am just loving hanging out with my sweet girl, she is becoming more and more fun and we are the bestest friends.

unnamed-10  unnamed-13



November 15, 2013

So lately… I have been so very busy… doing what feels like the easiest yet toughest job ever.

She’s a bit of handful… and the sweetest little girl ever.

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We try to do one thing every day, whether that be meeting friends for coffee and cake, or have the Grandparents visit or a baby group etc, but no more than that… we need lots of quiet time – we are treating this as a fourth trimester. The times when I haven’t given her enough contact time with me… we have both suffered for it. It is so important!

I am having tons of fun dressing her and arranging her things in her room. She has so many wonderful things already.

89b4403e487011e3aec5128fd569807c_5  dafe765c3ca011e3ada322000a1fbcdb_5

Some days she even lets me grab some lunch, I am addicted to boiled eggs as they are easy and if she changes her mind then I can eat one-handed.

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Those times when she’s not so keen I kinda snack on naughty things… newly obsessed by these chocolate covered marshmallows. So good.

e7a6866c47a211e3ba1a0ecec7883c5c_5  3503de7a3b2b11e3af3c22000aa80233_5

She is still receiving the most awesome gifts, I cannot thanks friends and family enough for everything, she is too lucky. As am I, there have been many gifts for me also.

785868ae38af11e3bed922000ab69b68_5  2e496f662cfb11e3a66122000a9f0a06_5

Her Grandma and Nana are knitting up a storm, these two could seriously open a shop they are so good. Jumpers, blankets and the cutest sleeping bag. I am truly going to look after these and keep them forever.

b1f2667c29ec11e3a7d422000a9e0846_5  cd5374922fff11e3887422000ab68f87_5

When she is asleep on me there is no moving, so I watch movies and tv or read. I have read so many books since she arrived… it feels like the biggest luxury.

a8d7941a44c511e3be6a22000aa80096_5  d605391e3c1f11e3a74822000a9e2993_5

And my amazing Mr is still on cooking duty most of the time, I do when I can but it’s not often and when I do I often get interrupted so I normally make quick and simple dinners meanwhile he is making shrimp tacos and full on roast dinners.

The best guy.

92a6f57a498711e390100ef81bb7e94a_5  15845b0844a211e3bf8122000a1fd13e_5

This week I am catching up with my work bits and figuring out when I can find some time to blog… I miss it here!



September 9, 2013

I am a little behind with these diary posts… but I’ll try to catch up this week.

I have just started my maternity leave, so am trying to relax and rest but also sort a few things out before Baby arrives and do nice things with friends and family too… which means I am actually still fairly busy. Who has time to go to work?

I have been shopping for Baby T, still trying really hard to stop but sometimes I cannot resist.

d6c94dc005ee11e3ab6522000a9f4d9e_5  07b48616071b11e39fb622000aaa1012_5

There was a lovely lunch in the country with friends and a massive brownie the likes of which I have never seen before!

4dcbd408082711e3a35d22000aaa05f7_5  85ee41e0082711e3b62722000a1fbc10_5

I am still addicted to swimming, and really miss it when I can’t go… and this yogurt is the winner of the best yogurt ever. Blood orange compete and thick gloopy yogurt. So good. Go get it.

b8611bf40b5e11e38d1322000a1fb079_5  468f1e820c9311e3affb22000aa8059e_5

There have been some lovely meals out and coffee dates with girlfriends at my favourite spots Thali and Poco.

b27c67d40aa511e3b2f422000a9f1255_5  6777df9c0cb811e3a13a22000aaa05ca_5

More presents too… I am in love with this Aden and Anais muslin from my ever generous friend Sarah and am taking it to hospital to swaddle Baby for her ride home… my Mama also got me some Neal’s Yard bits which I cannot wait to use…

382a42920f0711e3bb6b22000a9f3c09_5  a655e0d40bd611e385ac22000a1faf5e_5

I am filling my tummy with cake while I can, trying to enjoy these last few weeks of a big belly…

7702143a0cf111e3837022000a1fa4bb_5  7494a9fe050f11e381cb22000a1f9a0a_5

We also celebrated our second wedding anniversary, while we kept it low-key it was the nicest day and we took time out to reflect on these years and to get excited about someone joining our little family.

My Mr absolutely spoiled with a beautiful necklace and dinner at Bell’s Diner.

You should go if you haven’t been, super cute restaurant serving small plates, and the setting is so French you could be in Paris!

d1cd887a0eec11e3bfc622000a9d0dda_5  4dfa783a0f5711e38e5d22000a1f979a_5

I had to have a little glass of bubbles and they added a beautiful blackberry syrup… My favourite dishes were the salt cod fritters and the slow cooked cauliflower…

a8b11da60f5711e3bb0f22000a1fbc94_5  1f9b377a0fbd11e3b78322000a1fac13_5

And the Onglet steak with onion puree and mushrooms was SO good,

Special mention goes out to the Abernethy butter and the Blackberry and Apple Crumble which we are both still talking about now.

5b5242ea0fbd11e39d7a22000a1f9d9b_5  c452c0300fbd11e3a43b22000aeb3e83_5

While I was still at work I did start to struggle… working till 38 weeks was not my best plan, so I treated myself to lots of naps and rest over the weekends with a new book to help me stay put and Biggie the cat looking after me I got through it.

a418176a118511e39d0222000a1fbc0c_5  f36d7fb6100511e39c1122000a1fba2c_5

The flower lady by Marks Bread is back and I have been to see her a lot… with beautiful bouquets of wild flowers and mini bunches of sweetpeas appearing all over the house.

8597a6ee123311e3949522000ae8002b_5  7f4cdd2c133211e3914422000a1f98df_5

We also had another visit out to Wiltshire to celebrate my Gran’s 88th birthday with a roast beef lunch and mini afternoon tea treats on a gorgeous August day.

1c776756124411e3952222000ae912d7_5  dc73643c126811e3a82b22000a9f1408_5

Lots of lovely times!


Last Week

August 12, 2013

Looking back to last week…

I wrote a lot of thank you cards, and hello baby cards!

91272a4afe7711e2b58b22000ae913b8_5  e3427154fdfa11e2b66f22000aa81a39_5

We went out for Indian food and I had a delicious glass of red wine for a friend’s birthday… such a treat. 

611ef2a0ff8b11e2a1d122000ae911c2_5  601d756eff9711e2be2122000a9e08ba_5

Somehow I have become obsessed with chocolate, I couldn’t get enough of these hots chocolate flakes last week, despite the heat! 

02af3940fdfc11e2a2ab22000a1fb84b_5  90aa5342fedd11e2844522000a1d1fdc_5

We are still making little adjustments at home, adding shelves here and there and tidying up, it’s so nice to change things up every now and again, and makes me look at the house anew again. Adding flowers is my favourite, quickest way to do this. 

ce07d6e001d211e38b8d22000a9e011e_5  9624abb6feb411e2a51a22000a9e00f6_5

Saturday morning I made French toast with bacon, berries, syrup, yogurt and syrup. Then I went for coffee and cheesecake with a friend and shopped for bits for dinner… much sweetness had that morning!

d91e8cb401b311e3921422000a1fb704_5  746f9db401cf11e3800122000aeb0c37_5

My sister-in-law and her boyfriend came to stay Saturday night and we stayed in making cocktails with fresh melon (mine were virgin of course) and a mountain of Greek food… My Mr made hummous and baba ganoush and I made calamari with some amazing squid from Love the Fish Shop, then halloumi, marinated lamb kebabs and a greek salad. It was amazing. I am not sure we needed all of that food but we loved it.

60bd56fa01fa11e3802422000a9e014e_5  6788b88c01f311e382c522000a1fa433_5 

ad3649ec01e611e3800122000aeb0c37_5  5f9b112e01e411e38b1f22000a9f14a7_5

It was the Balloon Fiesta in Bristol this weekend, which is one of those weekends you really love your city as it’s such a symbol of the city having the balloons in the sky. We were too busy to actually make it up to the fiesta but we watched from our front door on Saturday night with cocktails in our hands.

25f02d6c025511e39d5922000ae91047_5    96fb0020ff7d11e2a77722000a1fbc49_5

Sunday was even slower… I had a lazy morning on my own while everyone went climbing so made a nice breakfast and played about with the nursery, arranging her things on a new shelf and working out where some new prints will go.

2cede3f8027711e3896922000a1fbe1a_5  3162a05a026711e3bcc122000a1fa49d_5

Then we went for Sunday lunch in Wiltshire at my in-laws new place which is now a 40 minutes drive instead of 2-3 hours, amazing.

And now it’s Monday again… I only have 3 weeks left at work but I am seriously struggling now… so another quiet week is needed to help me along!



August 5, 2013

I have been a busy bee of late, no change there except that I don’t think I can handle it anymore! Most of it has been lovely things though so I am not complaining…

A week or so ago I went back to Ragdale… after last years trip we are going to try to take a girls trip together every year, it’s so nice to get away and have quiet time.

This year going quite heavily pregnant I think I appreciated it even more, it came at a time when I really needed to unwind, I spent lots of time quietly reading and swimming… as I couldn’t use of most of the spa facilities I read a lot of glossies.

978ac200f3de11e28e8222000aa82017_5  7d645ea4f3de11e2af7822000a1fb04e_5

6dd93472f22211e2a91a22000a9e089b_5  3e9c5f18f29511e2b09522000a1f9363_5

I also had a few amazing treatments, facials and pregnancy massage, which were amazing. I am starting to feel so heavy now so am looking into some pregnancy massage here at home. I know how good they make you feel, it’s so worth it.

I love the breakfast in bed at Ragdale… although one day I woke up so early by the time it arrived I was starving… luckily I took a few emergency snacks.

11d8d6dcf36711e2999b22000a9f17f6_5  c2db05a8f2a011e29b8d22000aaa0a64_5

It was so hot and humid so I really enjoying jumping into the outdoor pool for a cooler swim, even walking out in the evening to dip my hot feet in. We were glad when a storm arrived to cool us all down – even if the temperature didn’t drop that much. 

e65e60dcf30a11e280b322000a1f9c82_5  92513c18f2d711e28d2722000a1f8fa0_5

There was also lots of eating… tea and cake in the garden is a must, normally I am too full as the meals at Ragdale are 3 courses every time but we decided to skip a few courses here and there to make room, so glad I did my rose cupcake was gorgeous, so was my sisters red velvet cake!

e7df6494f2ef11e2ad9722000a9e2977_5  281d98e6f23c11e295f622000ae90e55_5

The final preparations for Baby’s arrival are happening, and presents keep arriving – we feel so lucky. My Mama got us this beautiful Moses basket.

My Mr also brought me a beautiful dress to wear to my baby shower… I love every piece I have brought from Isabella Oliver and if you keep an eye on their offers and sales you can really get a bargain. Their clothes are well made and make you feel pulled together at a time when it’s really hard to do that. 

01e3a5d2f13111e2b2f422000a9f1255_5  7f4373aaf43211e2b19622000a1f9d89_5

I have been enjoying the last few weeks of quiet time with my husband, going out for breakfast and talking nothing but Baby, also eating and indulging when I can, I get full so very quickly so small snacks are me right now.  

4d4a0260f77011e2b30a22000aa80109_5  24301f68f3dd11e2b31922000a9e5b22_5

I had a lovely lunch in the sunshine near Bath with my Dad, I love the Cross Guns at Avoncliff, for the location alone it’s worth a visit. A real country pub with lots of ales on tap and proper pub food.  

161140bafb6211e2901622000a1fa7fb_5  f7473ea0fb6111e29dfb22000a9e5ac6_5

My gorgeous friends Sarah and Michele also threw me the  most wonderful baby shower… here is a little peak of my dress and a snippet of all the amazing gifts Baby was given. I have the best friends, and cannot wait to show you more when I get the photos, it was a supremely girly affair.

350e4fc2faee11e28f3922000ae90d55_5  ef59da36faee11e2afff22000aeb0fde_5

This weekend is the start of trying to have more downtime, I am still working full-time which is becoming tough – any tips from other Mama’s on getting through my last month would be great! 

We met friends at a festival in a park near where I used to live… it’s easily one of the best parks in Bristol… I love this avenue of trees…

ddc748a4fc4611e2b52122000a1fa4b5_5  0243a254fc4711e28df922000a9f1991_5

Then we got BBQ take out and watching movies on the sofa… the first time I have managed to do so in forever.

Yesterday I made a breakfast favourite of creamy scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and did lots of tidying and organising in between sitting staring at my flowers and cards… it was a good weekend. 

2ca9128afcfc11e2b23122000a1f98cf_5  17551fcefc7911e2984822000a1f9707_5


Last Week…

June 17, 2013

It has been a busy couple of weeks for me with two trips away but I did have a weekend at home in between…

We returned from Greece to a sunny UK, which was much appreciated as was this beautiful pink sky as we drove into Bristol, chocolate covered Oreo’s were my gift to my colleagues and they kept me going through my first day back at my desk…

71f1337acd6011e2a1fa22000a1f9261_5  1534fc4cce9711e2b2fd22000a9e0875_5

I spent most of the week doing what I always do and trying to recreate some holiday vibes, I came home even more obsessed with yogurt after eating beautiful thick Greek yogurt and honey every morning at our hotel and once again watermelon juice so my Husband made a big jug on Sunday and we pretended to be back on the beach…

9c4188eccdb911e28ea222000a9f1946_5  a743aec0d02311e29d4222000aaa07fd_5

I also relished simple dinners and cooked breakfasts at home with coffee and juice, eggs just the way I like them… 

581158a4cecd11e2800322000a1fb420_5  283288ced0d511e2b38022000a9e070a_5

We celebrated my sisters birthday with an evening out in Bath, a naughty dinner of burgers and fries at a favourite stop Hall and Woodhouse (I am in love with the silver ceiling) was delicious and much enjoyed.

13d6edc8cfa111e2b0d822000ae80177_5  ef433342cfbc11e29a4b22000a1fb593_5

On Saturday we headed to Clevedon to walk along the seafront and the pier, where we saw the cutest proposal!  

ff546fe8d03a11e2a65722000a1fbb45_5  d38f80a0d03a11e2bc3322000ae91126_5

Then more birthday treats with a huge chocolate cream cake and champagne picnic on the grass… 

2691bef0d03e11e2b1c522000a9f18eb_5  2552a408d05e11e2bacd22000a9e08df_5

Sunday was just as decadent, and more cream for me with a Sunday lunch in the countryside followed by a tropical mango and passionfruit mess and then headed home to pack for a trip to Paris with my Mama! 

49f3390ed10211e2978e22000a1fb9d3_5  cfcc6f88d13811e2ba6922000a1fb733_5

It might be Monday and I might have just had a week off but I am super tired today and already looking forward to the weekend, that’s bad right?