Simple Pleasures… Desk Eating…

August 28, 2013

This is a good habit I have gotten into, and it really makes a difference to my lunchtime as I am mostly at a desk all day.

I often bring my lunch from home, but I dislike eating from tupperware and find I will generally eat everything when I do full or not. So I have got myself from cutlery and a plate to keep at work and I always plate up my food.
If possible I will nip out to a park (when tupperware isn’t so bad) or sit at a table away from my workspace but sometimes I do want to stay at my desk and read some personal emails or a blog.


So grab some tableware from home or treat yourself and a stack of napkins… make lunchtime a little nicer.

I swear it makes leftovers so much tastier. And leftovers will always, always be better than a limp sandwich from the shop… and will always save you money when you are buying nice food – I have too many tasty options near my office and could easily spend over £5 a day just on a take-out lunch.


I also have my own glass and mug… it’s the small things that make a difference with my coffee in the AM. 


Do you take your own lunch to work?

I have to add I am looking forward to 9 months of eating at home – I am dreaming of poached eggs and hot pasta every day… well aware once Baby T is here I’ll more likely be snatching bites of anything I can!


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