Table Manners

May 31, 2012

I absolutely adore these cute illustrations by Gemma Correll spotted on A Cup of Jo blog…

I dislike people with no manners but I am not massively down with actual etiquette so I loved these. I feel like I am prepared for a posh dinner now.


Picnic Table

May 30, 2012

How cute?!

Spotted at Swiss Miss

A Corset as Art

May 29, 2012

This is like wearing a painting. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Kinda sports-luxe too.

Vera Wang (I know!) at Net-a-porter

Byron Bay was the next stop after Brisbane. We spent Christmas week here and it was insanely good. I absolutely fell in love with the place and can totally see why so many people get stuck here.

My husband had been before, the last time he was in Oz he was backpacking with a group of mates so he saw a very different town, form a sleepy surfers paradise to a more of a busy place. The fact that is so amazing has brought a lot of money here.

The centre is the cutest, almost like a wild west town.

The beach was ridiculous, I have hundreds of photographs.

We went for at least one walk on the beach every day, sometimes two sometimes three.

Sunset on our first night.

A perfect day with deep blue skies and fluffy clouds.

A dramatic sky. This beach had them all in that week.

I cannot get over how clean the Australian’s keep their beaches, we could seriously learn from them, not just in the way of litter (but they are spotless) but it’s not like anywhere else there are not shops or stalls or sun loungers or anything… just big stretches of beautiful pale sand, amazing clear water and huge waves.

And again lots of the cutest houses. There were some amazing ones in Byron.

We had a good week of eating here, the weather was great and we ate a lot of gelato.

As well as gourmet meals with beautiful Australian wine at St Elmo

Huge fresh mussels in a beachside fish and chip restaurant that used to be the ‘Bathers Pavillion’. Cute as.

Not so pretty desserts that tasted so much better than they looked, this chocolate pudding was so rich it finished me off that night.

The odd slice, also so good. Proper pizza.

It was too hot for Pies and the sun and the size of these pies scared me off but they looked great and the owner was lovely chasing after me with my phone I left on the bench outside one day.

In fact everyone in Australia was super friendly and lovely everywhere we went.

Drinks in so many amazing bars with the windows wide open and the breeze cooling us down after a hard day swimming (my husband) and sun bathing (me)

And our B&B; Baystay was the cutest, as were the family. They made or bought beautiful breakfasts every day as we ate them on the balcony upstairs.

We were even lucky enough to get to the farmers market, a Sarah Wilson must do.

Held in a space behind an old railway station you have to cross the tracks to get here.

You can find so much good stuff here, amazing the usual vegetables and fruit they had meat, seafood and deli goods.

To try to cancel out all of the good stuff we’d been eating we brought some vegan falafel and hummous.

And a chocolate beetroot and coconut cake. All delicious and so virtuous.

Another thing I really remember was the amount of amazing and crazy cars we saw… these are the top of the iceberg.

One must do was a walk to the lighthouse which we did several times… the first time we thought we were so unlucky as a storm brewed up whilst we were walking… but we got to see the rain come down from afar which is always awe inducing.

I love it when you can actually see the weather, Australia’s huge skies were made for this.

You can reward yourself at the top with great coffee and cakes, before you walk back the other side through the bush. It’s a great workout and our B&B owners did this everyday at 6am!

And what is with these scary birds? I saw them everywhere and they are not afraid of you at all. This one didn’t move for anything.

This was the path from our B&B to the beach, it was a mini-bush path and scared the hell out of me, so noisy with bugs you could just imagine all the Australian bugs and snakes and spiders in there.

But it’s so worth it, because then you arrive here.

I could have gotten used to that life, the beach is where everyone goes, to exercise, to chill, to meet up with friends, to get some sunshine, to cool off in the sea. It’s an amazing thing to have on your doorstep.

 I think I said amazing about 20 times in this post.  So much more to come.

So we are in the process of decorating our whole house right now.

From the big jobs like knocking walls down and putting a whole new kitchen in to the tiny details I am so keen to get everything just so.

I will admit it’s the little details I get excited about, and some Shanna Murray stickers are on my wish list.

These would look amazing in a speckled silver or gold in our new bedroom…

And I would really love this for my front door, but we are worried it wouldn’t last after being blasted by the bad weather…

Love, love, love.

Shanna Murray

Jewelled Alice

May 24, 2012

Oh. Gosh.

I really want a tiara but this may be more acceptable in public… no?

Miu Miu at Net-a-Porter

The Biggest Mammel

May 23, 2012

These photos are so amazing I had to share…

Spotted at exPress-o – read the full post about these amazing photos.