Green and Spring

March 31, 2011

I love this range of natural skincare, and it’s made in England. Even better.

The packaging is oh so pretty as well.

Go on treat yourself at Green and Spring


Liberty and Barbour

March 31, 2011

I love anything with a Liberty print, this Barbour jacket would be perfect for my trips to the country!

So cute, I want it!


A Clean Bedroom

March 31, 2011

This post at Apartment Therapy really inspired me, who doesn’t like a nice clean bedroom.

There is nothing better than those nights when you have had a bath or a shower and you are clean, and you put on some nice clean pj’s and get into your freshly made bed.

I sleep so well on those nights and feel so fresh.

These bedrooms all look so calm and inviting.

I love the bright orange in this room, so uplifting!

The bunting display on this wall is cute, and I love having flowers in my room.

There is nothing more relaxing than a totally white room.

I love those dark chest of drawers, and the pops of yellow you can see.

Our bedroom is in our attic, right at the top of the house I feel all tucked away. In the summer mornings with the windows open it is the loveliest place to doze.

I have been coughing nightly recently, so I am going to have a big spring clean in the bedroom at the weekend, maybe it’s dusty.

I cannot wait!

Strawberry Party

March 31, 2011

This strawberry party is such a cute idea for a birthday party, from You Are My Fave (such a good name for a blog)

The party favours are the bestest!

Love it.


Pigeon Toe Creamics

March 30, 2011

I adore this shop; Pigeon Toe Ceramics full of the loveliest ceramics for your home, they would make amazing presents (hint hint) 😉

You can visit their beautiful store in Portland…

Or shop online

My wish list.

Cute wind chime and lights for my garden…


Cute tiny cups for flowers and sweets!

This beautiful butter dish… perfect for local butter that comes in round pats

To be honest I could go on and on!

So lovely, I want to fill my home with these beautiful things.


Bicycle Wedding

March 30, 2011

This wedding is TOO CUTE!

Spotted at Oh Happy Day who found it on Martha Stewart Weddings.

I love it, it’s so casual and lovely.

A wedding breakfast picnic?! Such a great idea.

You all know I love a rainbow, add champagne and I am there!

Plus a handmade boom box.

Massive Swoon, oh so cute and inspirational.

Water Dwellings

March 30, 2011

I saw these Amsterdam houses on Design Boom and love them. Sort of halfway between living on a boat (like my bf wants to do!) and a house.

Just so cool!

Think of the balmy summer evenings you could have, sipping white wine on your balcony waiting for your smorsboard to arrive from the kitchen.