9 Months

August 30, 2013

So today I hit 37 weeks, which means I am at full term and our baby is fully grown and could arrive anytime from now…


I don’t feel like it’s going to happen anytime soon though, I am certainly not quite ready with a few more days of work yet to go. I feel huge though so I hope she doesn’t wait too long.

I have spent the whole year so far being pregnant and growing our baby… it was a tough first four months but the rest has been easy… I am lucky.

It is tough again now… I find it hard to move about which is annoying, and I really miss walking more than a few minutes without pain.
I also have to really take it easy, it’s like the first trimester all over again, if I get a little too tired or hungry I am sick pretty quickly.

I think I’ll miss having the baby all to myself but I am so looking forward to meeting her. I think I’ll be kind of sad this stage is over so am trying to enjoy it but focus on the good things…

I am soooo looking forward to be able to just stand up with ease, walking a lot, then in time running, the gym, proper swimming and generally being active.
I am looking forward to drinking wine with abandon – and cocktails! (after breastfeeding of course)
I am cannot wait to getting my waist back, I really miss dresses and skirts which I live in normally, and heels! I cannot wait to wear heels again – it’s not been that long since I stopped but it was rare I bothered.

I could not get through the week without my weekly yoga class, swimming, my Mama and pregnancy buddies – for the sympathy and laughs, my daily coffee, the odd glass of chilled Chardonnay, cream crackers, cheese, yogurt, milk (we are getting through about 12 pints a week), but mostly my husband who has been amazing throughout – so very patient and doing anything he can to make me feel good.


This is a good habit I have gotten into, and it really makes a difference to my lunchtime as I am mostly at a desk all day.

I often bring my lunch from home, but I dislike eating from tupperware and find I will generally eat everything when I do full or not. So I have got myself from cutlery and a plate to keep at work and I always plate up my food.
If possible I will nip out to a park (when tupperware isn’t so bad) or sit at a table away from my workspace but sometimes I do want to stay at my desk and read some personal emails or a blog.


So grab some tableware from home or treat yourself and a stack of napkins… make lunchtime a little nicer.

I swear it makes leftovers so much tastier. And leftovers will always, always be better than a limp sandwich from the shop… and will always save you money when you are buying nice food – I have too many tasty options near my office and could easily spend over £5 a day just on a take-out lunch.


I also have my own glass and mug… it’s the small things that make a difference with my coffee in the AM. 


Do you take your own lunch to work?

I have to add I am looking forward to 9 months of eating at home – I am dreaming of poached eggs and hot pasta every day… well aware once Baby T is here I’ll more likely be snatching bites of anything I can!

I know my Baby

August 16, 2013


This is kind of a get something off my chest post but I hope it is still positive…

One of the biggest moans I find amongst my friends who are also pregnant is the unsolicited ‘advice’. I say advice but it’s not always advice, advice is generally fine but a lot of the time it’s an opinion about something that person thinks you should or shouldn’t do for your baby and I have to say it is really annoying, and I think sometimes outright rude.

Mostly I have been lucky I haven’t had a lot of this but when it has happened it has felt so very judgy, passive aggressive and sometimes un-considered – no-one else knows, how or why we have made the decision we have so how on earth do they feel they can tell me it’s wrong. Judging is one of the those things that drives me crazy.

The one phrase my friends have said to me over and over is that you have to do whats right for you. Makes sense right?

Without sounding like I know everything, because I am well aware I do not, every decision made for our baby is the best for our baby because she is our baby and we have her best interests at heart.
My husband and I decide on everything together, there are issues one of us feels more strongly on than the other, there have been things we don’t agree on but we will always made these decisions together. We always do what is right for us and our baby.
We have, for every decision made so far, researched for hours (not exaggerating) when necessary, agonised (seriously) over all of them but ultimately are happy every decision made so far.

I am told this is just the beginning… and then when she arrives it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

I am writing this so I can remember when I am a Mama and people around me have babies I will only give advice when asked, and when I am asked will tell them my experience but not try to influence their view with my own. My friends are good at this so I hope to follow their example!

What is it about parenthood that makes people think it’s okay to do this?

We were given a mantra at one of the classes I go to and mine was I know my baby better than anyone else, and it’s true. She is, at moment, with me and me alone. I know her and no-one else does, so how can anyone advise me on whats right for me or her. Even when she arrives and isn’t all mine anymore her Dad and I will be the ones that know her best.

Something to remember!


These are amazing, totally bookmarking these for the babe’s future birthday party’s (which by the way I cannot wait for!)




Available from Yellow Owl Workshop

Wedding Wednesday –

August 14, 2013

Amazing dress…


You can see it in real life at Brides – The Show – I wish I could go!

Be Healthy in Love

August 13, 2013


On my nearly wedding anniversary (2 years) I have been thinking about what is good is my marriage and what needs work, I think we are doing pretty well right now, throughout my pregnancy my husband has been a rock and I am so grateful it would have been so much harder without his support.

Some thoughts…

You should be happy, simple as that. If you are down more than you are up, then something isn’t right. With you or with the relationship. Work it out and then sort it out.

You should be able to live without your other half, of course it would suck, just imagining it scares the hell out of me, but remember that you would be okay but living with them you should be the best version of yourself. It makes sense that if someone brings out the worst in you they probably are not good for you, or you are not good for them. I want to be best version of myself for my husband, he has made me stronger and more confident over the past few years and I know he tried to be at his best for me. We work hard for each other and ourselves.

Let change happen. I think it can be really hard when your other half wants to change, it can be scary, I have worried in the past that I’d be left behind, that he would change so much he would have some huge realisation that I wasn’t what he wanted. I have never tried to stop him changing though, and he has never tried to stop me… it goes back to the above and being your best self. You are going to change, as are they. You have to support the changes and go with it, they will come back, they will stay and then you will grow together.

Sometimes I see someone make a big grand gesture and get a little jealous… for about 5 seconds then I remember all the things that my husband does for me day in day out (and the bigger gestures he has made).
One of the biggest things to remember in your relationship – always – is to not compare yours to others, and that grand gestures are not that big a deal, nice now and again but it’s the everyday stuff that really matters.

I hate fighting, arguments, confrontation of any kind… it has taken me all the time I have been with my husband to get to the point that I am now – where I say what I need to say, I am still terrible at it and find it so stressful but I know a good argument gets issues resolved. A good argument? You talk something through. A bad argument, in my eyes, is when someone is mean, never ever be mean. Never say something that you might regret, don’t bring up past issues and don’t scream and shout. Always try to end it by making up, even if you are agreeing to disagree… move on gracefully.

Last Week

August 12, 2013

Looking back to last week…

I wrote a lot of thank you cards, and hello baby cards!

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We went out for Indian food and I had a delicious glass of red wine for a friend’s birthday… such a treat. 

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Somehow I have become obsessed with chocolate, I couldn’t get enough of these hots chocolate flakes last week, despite the heat! 

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We are still making little adjustments at home, adding shelves here and there and tidying up, it’s so nice to change things up every now and again, and makes me look at the house anew again. Adding flowers is my favourite, quickest way to do this. 

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Saturday morning I made French toast with bacon, berries, syrup, yogurt and syrup. Then I went for coffee and cheesecake with a friend and shopped for bits for dinner… much sweetness had that morning!

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My sister-in-law and her boyfriend came to stay Saturday night and we stayed in making cocktails with fresh melon (mine were virgin of course) and a mountain of Greek food… My Mr made hummous and baba ganoush and I made calamari with some amazing squid from Love the Fish Shop, then halloumi, marinated lamb kebabs and a greek salad. It was amazing. I am not sure we needed all of that food but we loved it.

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It was the Balloon Fiesta in Bristol this weekend, which is one of those weekends you really love your city as it’s such a symbol of the city having the balloons in the sky. We were too busy to actually make it up to the fiesta but we watched from our front door on Saturday night with cocktails in our hands.

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Sunday was even slower… I had a lazy morning on my own while everyone went climbing so made a nice breakfast and played about with the nursery, arranging her things on a new shelf and working out where some new prints will go.

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Then we went for Sunday lunch in Wiltshire at my in-laws new place which is now a 40 minutes drive instead of 2-3 hours, amazing.

And now it’s Monday again… I only have 3 weeks left at work but I am seriously struggling now… so another quiet week is needed to help me along!