We are failing at hitting our target of a date night a week, mainly because we are so busy with the wedding and sorting Supper Clubs… but we are not forcing it, just going out when we can.

A recent date was a trip to Colston Hall to listen to some classical music. I had won some tickets to a concert so we got dressed up and had a FREE date night!

I love the new Colston Hall building, this is the terrace.

Not the best views I admit, but it’s a nice place to get some air during the interval.

This is the foyer, it’s a big trek from the bottom to the top (where we were sitting) but it’s a beautiful space and I like climbing stairs in my heels.

I am really getting into classical music… it does lull me into sleepiness though, I think the violins are hypnotic.

Afterwards we went to Bordeaux Quay (our fave!) for a glass of wine.

What a grown up date!

Colston Hall has a great programme of events, get it out here and the bhuilding is lovely, a big mix of old and new… and the outside is coated in gold, what more could you want to make you feel fancy.


For a recent date my boyfriend and I went on a picnic in the park near our house.

It doesn’t look sunny but it was a very hot, very hazy day.

It was a spur of the moment date, we had no food in the house that we could take picnicking so we visited our local deli and treated ourselves to lots of treats.

Lunchboxes of meat and bread and cheese and olives and crisps and ginger beer.

I even brought my patchwork quilt.

Then we had an ice cream.

 I love picnics, I love lazing on the grass reading or just watching clouds or even dozing with my head on the Boy’s chest.

I want the sun to come back so we can do it again!

So Friday the 13th, date night.

We went to Bordeaux Quay for cocktails and charcuterie, I got dressed up and we sat in the wine bar, which I have never seen before, it’s a really lovely space I definitely want to go again.

We were actually there on a groupon deal, we have only ever done one before which to be honest was rubbish, the restaurant did the classic, on a deal don’t care act. Not impressed.

Bordeaux Quay was not like that, the staff were lovely, we had more than enough food and the cocktails were amazing. Highly recommend, even on full price this would have been good, on a groupon it was a massive bargain.

The bar manager even came over to ask us how we liked his cocktail list, which was different and imaginative. It is rare that people care that much but he explained his ideas behind the list and that he is a cocktail geek! He likes to dig up old recipes…

I started with a Southside Fizz and my Boyfriend had a between the sheets… both YUM! We also had some olives.

Then our plates arrived, with so much more than we expected. We had a plate of artisan charcuterie with wild boar salami, speck, coppa and a terrine, plus a plate of grilled & marinated vegetables with rocket & burrata, and a big portion of home made bread.

Then we had more cocktails (you got two in this deal)…

The he proposed, I said yes and we drank my favourite champagne… before walking to our old date spot The Rummer for another cocktail just because we always used to go there, I wasn’t quite ready to go home.

So I have learnt that groupon’s are not always bad, you just have to pick and choose where you go. I also learnt that my love for Bordeaux Quay has grown now I know that upstairs you can go to a quiet spot with a view for a drink. So even if this deal has now gone you can go for a little glass of wine and a plate of good nibbles.

Best Date Ever.


 So we have been so busy recently that sometimes our date nights cannot strictly be called dates, but they are time spent together still, doing something interesting… this was one of those nights, when we went to a friend’s house to have a bread making lesson.

We also made pizza bases…

And then made and ate pizza, YUM!

Peaches pizzas rule!

We made pita…


Cholla and a seeded wholemeal loaf.

Phew! It was a really good night, I had fun and learn lots… a great date! See my full post about all the bread here.

Swoon at all that bread!

For our date night last week we went up to the beautiful Bristol Museum at the top of Park St to take a look at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit.

I always try to go to this, the photos are always amazing.

So impressive, especially the Young photographer section, one particularly impressive photograph was by an 11 year old!

After this we went to Boston Tea Party for a burger. It was huge, as all good burgers should be, and very messy, ditto, and comes with smoked Applewood cheddar which is my fave!

Good date! Highly recommend both options.


Date Night, my bf’s turn… he chose a night of drinking beer. I don’t drink beer. Hmmmmm

But then he told me we were having a tour at the Bristol Beer Factory, this I am much more interested in. I love small independent companies, I love them for making quality produce, especially when they are on my doorstep and Bristol seems to be doing very well for them at the moment. So I was excited to learn about Bristol Beer Factory.

So on their “tour for a tenner” we have a tour of the brewery, as much beer as you can drink, plus a bottle of milk stout to take home (umm bargain!)

Our beer for the evening, it was help yourself all evening.

The vats of brewing beer, you can see the yeast!

As I said I don’t drink beer, ever. I have tried it (well lager) and decided I didn’t like it and never went back. So this tour was a revelation, I found out I do like beer. First I tried Sunrise… then Acer, then a raspberry wheat beer and a little of the very special colab beer (see their website for details) all of which I enjoyed.

I defiantly see myself drinking beer with food as I do wine now, I still don’t think I could manage pints and pints of the stuff though!

We learnt about the ingredients of beer and how they make it, from the beginning to end…

They do have a cool job, they make beer all day… experimenting with different flavours.

At the moment they have some old oak red wine barrels in which they have some stout. I tried some of this it was so nice, and you can definitely compare it to red wine.

It has the same smoothness.

They are also awaiting some whiskey barrels and plan to experiment with stout and make 12 different ones this year (!)

I highly recommend Bristol Beer Factory beers (all available on their website shop or at these pubs around Bristol) and their tours, the guys are really nice, chatted to my bf about his homebrew all night giving hints and tips (Thanks Brett!) and were extremely knowledgeable about the process, they would be of course as they do it all themselves.

If you can’t get on an open tour they do hold private tours so get a group of friends together (the more friends, the cheaper it gets but the less beer you can!) and book one in, I know my bf is going back asap!

Visit the links above for more information.  

So for the last date night, my turn, I booked us in to listen to a public talk organised by Bristol University at the Watershed about Multiculturalism in the UK.

A very different date!

It was a lovely evening though, we went to the Watershed, got some nachos and wondered what it would be like, then when we registered and went in there were drinks laid on for us… we must do these talks more often!

It definitely got us talking, my bf being who he is disagreed with almost everything the guy said, whereas I thought he made some very good points. By the time we got home I think I saw a little of his point of view and he mine.

Great idea, I am going to look out for more events from the University that might generate discussion!