A little trip…

May 31, 2013

Today my Husband and I are flying away for a little break just the two of us before the last trimester of my pregnancy tires me out again!

Remember this blog?

Well my dreams are coming true, we are headed to Mykonos for a few nights, I cannot wait to feel the sun on my skin.

Church in OIa on Island of Santorini with bay view of Volcano

I have a book I cannot wait to read, a sunlounger on the beach with my name on it and a brand new sun hat… so excited!

I’ll be back next week



I LOVE these!!



Biggie the cat likes to climb on our roof (when we let him) so I’m not sure these are a good idea… but I would love them on my house!

Spotted at Design Boom

I had to share this one with you, so amazing, and so different from the western white wedding… and looks like a real party was had…







This wedding was featured on Poppytalk, go check out the full post with more beautiful photographs here

All photos by Celine Kim.

Baby T

May 27, 2013

So I ditched the blog for a while again…

After I disappeared before and came back I intended to keep it up but everything has been so very busy.

I have a good reason though… if you follow me at all on social media you will already know the news, I have a Baby on the way…

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The first time I stopped blogging this year was completely due to heavy-duty all day long pregnancy sickness and exhaustion… then at about 17-18 weeks it finally lifted and I started to get back to normal life. The last time I blogged was the weekend we told our family.

I had a ton of work to catch up on with various freelance jobs and I hadn’t really seen much of many of my friends so life took over for a while and blogging wasn’t a priority, but I miss it…

I miss the little diary of lovely weekends and somewhere to spill my thoughts and to place reminders of things I find and love so the effort is back on to bring the blog back!

I thought I would share my news as the first blog back… we are expecting a Baby girl and she is due in September.

Dairy is big in my world right now, when I eat a yoghurt it is like quenching a thirst, and milk… has replaced wine as my drink of choice with dinner… and snacks…

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We haven’t done much preparation yet, we are only just getting started but Baby T has a few friends waiting for her arrival already…

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I did have a tough few months so keep my spirits up with lots of treats… and so did my wonderful friends who have been spoiling me rotten…

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I have had so many wonderful gifts and the support from everyone in the early days was amazing… I have lots of friends who are Mama’s already so there was sympathy and understanding there, and distraction and giggles from those without little ones too… it has once again reminded me of all the special people I have in my life.

You didn’t know I could get soppier did you?

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I am about to hit 6 months and my bump is finally showing, it’s very high, looks tiny in the AM but huge by bedtime…


I can feel my Baby girl move and kick a lot, anytime I am relaxed and still she makes herself comfortable and I sit and hold my hand on my tummy to feel her.

I am in that giddy happy contented pregnancy phase at the moment where I walk around in a bubble day dreaming of my impending arrival and feeling huge love for everyone, it’s a pretty magical time.