After a rainy bank holiday I am dreaming of summer, the sun did escape the clouds now and again…

I am dreaming of sitting in the garden, like we did in March (!) bathing in the sunshine.

I want to dress my garden with these pretty things from Cox and Cox, one of my favourite shops.

A cute canopy to escape the sun, I don’t think this would shelter you much from rain!

A very stately bird house, something I cannot put in my garden with my killer cat around, it would be a death trap.

A double deck chair! Love this idea.

Something every garden needs; a wasp trap. It’s pretty too.

Some cute love birds.

ONe thing I did purchase was this, to grow my herbs.

If you venture outside with your tablecloths these will be super handy.

And a lovely cushioned rug and cushions to lounge around on.


Well let’s all hope we do see some sun again, he has kind of deserted us right now.




Absolutely head over heels for these, polka dot peep toes!


I would love for my bridesmaids to wear these… they’re just a little high!

Available from Kurt Gieger


 This is from the morning we went shopping for my ring.

I had no appetite, I was too excited, nervous and completely overwhelmed.

So I ordered comfort. The breakfast my Mum made for me as a kid, well into my teens.

On an amazing day. I love a poofy cloud.


Curvy House

May 26, 2011

From Design Boom and very efficient, inventive use of a small space!

Another beauty from Studio Velocity

I love the front door, as wide as the building.


So cute, wish this was my hairdressers!

Mulberry Biker Bow

May 25, 2011

This is so lovely, I wish it could be mine!

Available at My Wardrobe

So Friday the 13th, date night.

We went to Bordeaux Quay for cocktails and charcuterie, I got dressed up and we sat in the wine bar, which I have never seen before, it’s a really lovely space I definitely want to go again.

We were actually there on a groupon deal, we have only ever done one before which to be honest was rubbish, the restaurant did the classic, on a deal don’t care act. Not impressed.

Bordeaux Quay was not like that, the staff were lovely, we had more than enough food and the cocktails were amazing. Highly recommend, even on full price this would have been good, on a groupon it was a massive bargain.

The bar manager even came over to ask us how we liked his cocktail list, which was different and imaginative. It is rare that people care that much but he explained his ideas behind the list and that he is a cocktail geek! He likes to dig up old recipes…

I started with a Southside Fizz and my Boyfriend had a between the sheets… both YUM! We also had some olives.

Then our plates arrived, with so much more than we expected. We had a plate of artisan charcuterie with wild boar salami, speck, coppa and a terrine, plus a plate of grilled & marinated vegetables with rocket & burrata, and a big portion of home made bread.

Then we had more cocktails (you got two in this deal)…

The he proposed, I said yes and we drank my favourite champagne… before walking to our old date spot The Rummer for another cocktail just because we always used to go there, I wasn’t quite ready to go home.

So I have learnt that groupon’s are not always bad, you just have to pick and choose where you go. I also learnt that my love for Bordeaux Quay has grown now I know that upstairs you can go to a quiet spot with a view for a drink. So even if this deal has now gone you can go for a little glass of wine and a plate of good nibbles.

Best Date Ever.


Diana Porter

May 23, 2011

You must forgive me for being a little quiet for the past week.

My last post was Friday 13th, and that night my Boyfriend and I went on our weekly date night and he proposed.

I am getting married!

So this blog is about the store where we got my ring.

It’s where I always hoped I would get my engagement ring from, I cannot quite believe it has actually happened.

It was the first place we went and the place we went back to when no-where else came close.

Diana Porter is an amazing Jewellery designer and makes really unusual pieces… her shop is amazing and her staff are lovely, making the whole experience exciting and fun (unlike another store I will not name who very nearly ruined the day for us).

I adore the bright pinks in the store, wish I had a chaise longue like this one!

I know some girls dream of the perfect solitaire diamond ring, I didn’t really know what I wanted except I did not want a ring like everyone else.

I used to think I wanted a huge jewel whether it was a diamond or not, but when it actually happened and we started to look, I realised I wanted something unusual but still classic, something amazing and that it should be a diamond.

In the end we went for the very first ring we saw, I saw it pretty much the moment we walked though the door, it’s not actually by Diana but one of the other designers she showcases in the store, which I’ll save for a later date.

But here are her designs, so if you are looking for something a little different for your engagement ring or wedding band then go here!

See? All so amazing and different. I am literally scratching the surface here check out the website for more information or visit the store in Bristol, her work is also available across the country and in the US you can contact her for more details through the site.

Massive, massive Swoon!