October 31, 2011

I am off!

I am flying to Bangkok, where my Husband will meet me at the airport before we fly to Phuket together and hang out in a nice hotel for a few days.

We spending my birthday in a posh resort before hitting the smallest islands we can find. Beach huts baby!

Photo from here

I will try to blog every now and again, but you know how it is.

Have a great weekend people and hopefully I will be back very soon recommending spots all over Thailand.

I am going to miss my cat Biggie so much, luckily we have a great House sitter who will be taking care of him, he needs a lot of love!

Another Wedding, come on it’s been a while.

And this one is ultra mega special. Partly because it’s just amazing, partly because I want this to be inspiration for my lovely friend Hannah who got engaged at the same time as me, and is getting married next year.

Flowers on your head Hannah! It must be.


Everything about this is just amazing.

You can read all about it at 100 Layer Cake (of course)

Port Gaverne

October 27, 2011

Right next to Port Issac is an even smaller Port called Gaverne, we took a walk down there to walk off our huge crab sandwiches (and cider) and check out the blustery view.

Love. It.

Even more cute cottages, can you just imagine being inside here on a stormy night with the fire going and a big glass of whiskey? That is what I think about with places like this.

We went right out to a good vantage point, my Mum my Godmother and I.

I love the big thick grass you get at the seaside.

There’s that cottage, see what I mean about being inside on a stormy night, it’d be amazing.

Then we took a walk back up the hill and into Port Issac to grab some more crab for our starter that evening.

Love this shop.

Both my Mum and Godmother love Cornish crab and wanted to me to taste and compare with crab on my travels (and tell them this is the best) and report back on my return.

I have to say it was amazing.

I really want these Oyster buckets, great champagne buckets for BBQ’s or what!

Then we stopped by my Godmothers local farm shop to get last few bits for dinner.

And some treats for neighbours who looked after Biggie the cat.

Then the next day we headed back but I had to share this photograph of the sunrise from my bedroom window, does my Godmother have an amazing view or what?

Our Wedding – The Roundup

October 26, 2011

So I am now on my honeymoon and although I got married 2 months ago I wanted to gather all my wedding blogs together for me, so I can look back and as a few friends are now engaged so I can share my experience with them.

Date Night – Best Date Ever

Ring Shopping


My Veil Drama

Our Engagement Shoot

The Invitations

Bridesmaids Inspiration


My Hen Part 1

My Hen Part 2

My Hen Part 3

Kids at Weddings

Our Wedding Breakfast

Our Wedding

Brooks Guesthouse


My Garter

A Pretty Present

I also want to share my favourite memories…
sleeping like a log the night before
waking up to my house full of friends
drinking bubbles all day
the boat ride and seeing Adam through the porthole
seeing my flowers come together – massive thanks to Flowers of Stokes Croft
walking up the aisle towards Adam
standing with him holding hands
our kiss
the band playing stand by me as we signed the register
our receiving line
the photographs – having time on our own
seeing all the little details come together – thanks Mum!
the speeches, all were amazing, loved my best mans poem and Adams lovely words
dancing with Jon
our first dance to a garage tune
dancing all night!
Die on the mic
Hollie G singing Jill Scott to us

Rachel Rose Dresses

October 26, 2011

Another spot from East Side Bride, she posted these for great bridesmaids dresses (yes!) but I really want one, I think one of these would be a great little travelling dress for me!

I mean, how great are these going to look with a tan? (Not that I’ll get one!)

Go check out the website, and grab one before I do!

Rachel Rose

Port Isaac

October 26, 2011

Last weekend my Mum and me went to stay with my ‘Godmother’ in Cornwall.

For a treat one day we all went to Port Isaac, a ridiculously cute fishing village that everyone who has been there falls in love with.

And so did I, I definitely want to go stay here, maybe in the winter when it’s quiet and cold and I could be all snug in a seaside cottage. Swoon!

So here it is…


The place is chock full of picture perfect cottages (a lot of which I suspect are holiday homes)

This one is perfect, Rose Cottage, of course has a garden full of roses.

Definitely a holiday home, look at the window seat! Love that.

If I had a cottage here I would definitely have a nautical door knocker.

I love the little nooks and crannies that were everywhere.

 We visited the fish market, which is tiny!

This is the view from the other side of the village.

A very cute shop in an old church… full of cute pottery. I had to restrain myself from buying anything though.

Anyone know about the Fisherman’s Friends? They are a folk group that practise here, my Mum loves em!

After a good stomp around we hit the pub.

I do love old pubs, I so want to come here with my Mister in the winter. It would be such a nice place to plot up and sit by the fire drinking far too much red wine.

This pub has one of the best views in the village for sure.

When in Cornwall…

…being a Bristol girl I had to try the cider. It was pretty strong! And also crab sandwiches and chips. Amazing.

Seriously love it here! Definitely have to bring the Husband next year.

Have you been? You must go!

Big thanks to my Mum for taking me to Cornwall for a lush weekend and to Carolyn for having Mum and I to stay.

Peace Earings

October 25, 2011

I love these, they are so cute.

Available from My Wardrobe