I know its still November but I just cannot help it…

I know I have mentioned Christmas a lot this week and one thing you do need to get organised as soon as possible is Christmas cards… so people can adorn their house!

Do you still send/give Christmas cards?

I know lots of people don’t but I just love to do it, I am still hoping I’ll find the time to make my own again this year as I have a great idea… but if I do buy some then here are my favourites… from Etsy of course.

I am a sucker for letterpress…

Eat, Drink and be Merry by Ink and Iron

Be Merry and Bright by Parrott Design Studio

Jolly Holiday by Ashley Paul

Let it Snow by Ink Meets Paper 

Peace and Love, another beauty by Parrott Design Studios


 It’s the most wonderful time of the year… by Ink Meets Paper again

Peace, Love, Joy by Vandalia Street Press

And this Rockin’ Christmas is so fun… by Steel Metal Press

Seems I am into pink type or traditional red colours this year!

Love them all, how do you choose?




Swooning Over… Loglike…

November 29, 2012

I just found the cutest store!

Loglike is a UK based shop selling pretty things made from wood… Loglike 

I love these little place markers… perfect for this time of year when people are having lots of dinners at home…  I really want these!

This little birdy is so lovely… a little something blue, I’d like him for my bedroom shelving (I’m still not happy with the styling) 

These would look great among leaves for an Autumn centrepiece. 

But my favourite thing are these heart handled spoons. SO CUTE. 

Visit Loglike for some great stocking fillers (they even have a tangerine and a lump of coal, how fun)

I mentioned earlier this month the project that I had been working on since I started my wedding job at riverstation. Last week I received some photographs from Jennie Hill who was kind enough to come along and snap away for us…

They make for some pretty viewing…


The riverstation team was super generous and gave away lots of Champagne to our lucky guests… 


Not to mention the amazing good bags we put together… 


We had the lovely Charlie from The Natural Wedding Company join us too! You can see her run down of the day and details of her stand here


Canapés and cake too…



It was a lovely day and you can see form the above that our exhibitors were just the best.

Their stalls were all so beautiful and I was swooning all through the day!

Head on over to our Eco Wedding Fair blog to see a full run down of all the exhibitors and entertainment and all the treats enjoyed on the day.

Tuesday is supposed to be recipe day but instead today I am going to give a recommendation because I love this company so much, and everyone has a tricky gift person so here’s the answer!

Rococo Chocolates

Mostly I love the packaging and the branding, but what’s inside is even better. They support ethical trade fo cocoa farmers too.

This bar is my obsession. I try to always have one in my house.  

I reeeeeeeeeeeally want to try the hot chocolate, and would definitely not hide the pretty box away.

The cat that got the cream chocolate bar… so cute. 

These. Now these are something I try not to have in my house or I become a greedy girl indeed. So. Amazing. 

If you wanted to go all our… this heart shaped box would make any chocolate lover swoon! 

If this post causes you to eat lots of chocolate I am (not) sorry.

You can thank me by sending chocolate.


The Weekend…

November 26, 2012

Yet another insta-photo diary… bored yet? I have some actual blogs this week too don’t worry.

 So I will start at Thursday just because I saw the Queen! That’s her very post car, she and Prince Phillip drove right past me as I left my office for lunch. Such good timing. She looked very little and cute!

I spent most of last week working into the evening after my week off I had lots of catching up to do… Biggie kept me company by lounging on the kitchen table. I think he was trying to distract me.


Friday was party time, for a few months now some friends and I have been planning to throw a secret party for two of my bestest, Ollie was my best bridesman and Baz was a witness at my wedding. It was also their birthday this month and they used to run a night called Penguin Dance, so we brought it back for one night only.


I still can’t believe they didn’t find out! Well done everyone who kept quiet… and big love to all that came was amazing to see so many old friends. I danced, sang at the top of my lungs and drank like I was a student again.


Saturday was of course extremely painful, after getting over-excited about being with all my uni crew I drank far too much, pretending I was young again!

I had a beauty appointment in the day to get big huge eyelashes (I love them!) then it was chinese food and red wine on the sofa with Biggie and my husband…

Biggie was a bit grumpy too… he stole my seat and got cross when I took a photo…


I also got another birthday present, some more beautiful china for my dresser and found room for Ben and Jerry’s. Lets face it, there is always room for Phish Food.


Sunday was all about the food. We decided to have a very chilled day at home, venturing out for breakfast as the cupboard are bare at home! We hit our favourite spot Souk Kitchen for proper coffee and delicious eggs… I tried Shakshouka for the first time. So good. 


Then I actually got a head start on work this week before making the most awesome burgers and brownies.

Some things are standard when I make burgers at home, we must have home fries (the only time I don’t want home-made chips), pickles, mayo and cheese in the burger and salad on the side. We nearly always have avocado, either sliced or in guacamole  form but yesterday I caramelised some onions and this might be my new favourite addition… even if it is a little messy to eat!

Brownies… you all must know my simple recipe right now… they must have raspberries in them at the moment… a Sunday tradition we just cannot break!


I hope you all have a good week, I am keeping it simple it’s all about work and the gym this week. Nothing else. Sounds boring but it is very necessary, my 3 jobs are all giving me pretty good to do lists right now so I need to stay on top of it… and I want to keep next weekend free… we are hitting December people and you know what they means!!


My Birthday…

November 23, 2012

My birthday was a while ago now, but as I like to remember everything I thought I would still document it here…

For me this was a very low-key birthday, I didn’t make any big plans as either side of my actual birthday I had a hen weekend and my Husband fight… so I just had a couple of little nights out with my bestest.

Sunday I went to the Pipe and drank pipe dreams… I wanted to stay out all night and dance to garage but I had to meet a bride and groom in the AM so was home by 11!

My husband woke me on my birthday with birthday cake and candles… which was just the sweetest thing ever.


He gave me my present… a trip to London to see Forever Crazy, and then we met for lunch after my meeting and I had the most delicious fish and chips at No. 1 Harbourside


Then my lovely friend Rachel took me out for cheesecake at Lovely Tart and wine at Poco… I know I have said this 100 times but I am going to miss her so much… 


I managed to visit quite a few of my favourite Bristol spots that day.

I met my Dad one evening for a little shopping trip in beautiful Bath… we ate pie and mash in a proper ale pub down a backstreet and he brought me a beautiful cable knit jumper I have been lusting over for ever… 


I got spoiled by girlfriends… with tea and cookies, presents, strawberries and cream and more wine… 


Then another night out with Rachel… basically I was seeing her every night I could before she leaves for Asia… I started my Christmas shopping and admired the lights before meeting her for wine and hot dogs at The Bank… 


These hot dogs were so good, but so bad. I am definitely going to need to visit here again…


My Mama brought me the coolest heart studded trainers and took me to one of my most favourite places to eat (but somewhere I never get to) Maitreya Social in Easton.

It’s an amazing vegetarian restaurant. We shared some really tasty beetroot and carrot cakes with beetroot carpaccio and orange dressing, then I had an amazing butternut squash and applewood smoked cheddar tarte tatin, I need to try to replicate that at home…

I finished with some amazing coconut macaroons with Chantilly cream and blackcurrant sorbet. So good.

I highly recommend you visit very soon.


And of course there was my amazing trip to London with my Husband… which you can see here


Tonight I am having dinner with friends, my two favourite uni boys as we all share a birthday but have been too busy to celebrate together… and many more people I don’t see nearly enough of. I’m hoping for some drunken fun with old friends.

Thank you to everyone for such a lovely birthday.

Swoon Travel… Greece…

November 22, 2012

I think we all need to escape for a moment today… what is with this rain?

So I have been obsessing over a trip to Greece for about 6 months now… it’s going on my must do list for sure.

I want to go to the islands more specifically…

I mean how pretty is this?  

Images from National Geographic

I want to wear sandals and sun dresses and wander around these beautiful hills of bright white houses…

Images from 1001 Places Blog

Maybe next year…