Last Week…

July 2, 2013

Last week was a busy one…

We headed to a friend’s wedding on the first weekend, at Clevedon Hall which has the most beautiful grounds, it made for some amazing portraits. My friend is the wedding planner there so I can highly recommend it!

My bump is growing all the time, luckily a friend lent me a pretty maternity dress to wear… I love the colour, hopefully I will get to wear it again…

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I had a marathon cleaning and sorting session at home, one of my favourite things to do is to sort through things and get rid of things I no longer need. Then I filled the house with peonies…

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I am currently obsessed with my new perfume from Paris and this Elemis oil… little pampering treats are so important, as is red lipstick, as I grow bigger and bigger. 

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We have finally had some sun, there are still cloudy days and the odd rainy one but the sunny days are making up for it… I am taking strolls when I can, slowly of course… 

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One particularly grumpy day I decided to go to Harts Bakery near my office and treat myself, I had an awesome Moroccan spiced sweet potato and feta pie and spied some poppies by the side of the road on my way back… which actually cheered me up, of course the pie helped.

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Friday I picked up some new wheels, a Pashley Little Black Bike… which I love already and must try to get out more this week before I can’t ride it for a while… then that evening stayed in for Mexican bowls and movies… 

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Then at the weekend we took it easy, I haven’t been sleeping well and my energy levels are quite low at the moment but it’s so important to still get out and do things, and see people.

Saturday we mooched down our local high street to buy our Sunday roast meat at Rare Butchers, and pick up freshly grown herbs… they were setting up for a street party so the road was closed and the bunting was up, love that.

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We visited a little flower stall where the flowers are picked from local gardens, and had a coffee in the sunshine.

Then we got in the car and headed to the Cotswolds for a friend’s birthday lunch, the pub we visited was amazing. The garden was huge but all sectioned off in little areas by flowers beds so it felt so secluded.

We went to The Wheatshef in Northleach, which I can highly recommend… the drinks selections, for those boozing and those not was immense, service good, food even better. The garden is beautiful and I so want to go and stay there!

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I wasn’t the only preggo which was lush, and meant I didn’t bore everyone (I hope) by not being able to talk about anything else, and being able to compare experiences with someone pretty close to due dates as me was great… makes everything a little less scary and easier to laugh at. The barman also made us delicious elderflower and mint carafes which made us both very happy.

The best thing though was the ridiculous portion of fries, it turned out this was for two people but when pretty much the whole table had ordered some we still had a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. I was pretty happy with the situation.

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Happily I am craving normal healthy food again as well, Sunday I wanted juice so my husband made me this amazing pink lady apple, pineapple and kiwi juice. So. Good.

Then we had a friend over for a summery roast chicken which we served with roasted Jersey royals, home-made ratatouille and steamed asparagus. So simple and delicious. 

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I also had the most amazing present for the Baby arrive, in the shape of a quilt from my Godmother… it’s so beautiful it went straight into the cot. She is getting quite the collection now.

We also finally finished my chocolate from Paris… which was quite upsetting, I need more of those!

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And now it is Tuesday already, I wasn’t quite ready for the week to start yesterday… but I am looking forward to a yoga class and going shopping for a big list of Baby needs this week.



Last Week…

November 5, 2012

Phew, I am kinda glad last week is done… it was too busy for my liking.

I had a quiet Halloween, I was preparing for the end of a big project on the Saturday so had tons of work so no big plans could be had. Instead I had a friend over for dinner, a little break was necessary.

We got a pile of chocolate for little trick or treaters and ate batman cheesecake…


I also made time to pamper myself, so important and I had to have a haircut before my big event. My stylist Jo at Mack Daddys on G. Road is the best.

My new True Grace candle is bringing the scent of shhh… whisper it Christmas, into my house.


Then the event was here – The Eco Wedding Fair, something I have been working on since late May, that’s more planning and time than my own wedding took! I think I was more nervous too…

Friday night was spent making sure everything was ready at riverstation and packing our goody bags for the brides with all of the goodies people sent us. 


Some companies were so generous,  as well as tons of posh beauty samples some lucky people got a £5 riverstation voucher and one lovely photographer hand wrote out discounts for all attendees!


We also had goodies from The Mews arrived (who doesn’t love to play dress up in wedding dresses) and a fab gift from the lovely Rachel Goodchild in the form of a pretty wedding planner notebook – which will be my riverstation book for the new year. 


So Saturday bright and early I went to riverstation and ran around like a headless chicken for a couple of hours helping get everything ready… then I was welcoming our guests for the rest of the day, I hardly left the door at all!

It was a lovely job, brightening people’s day by handing out champagne and goody bags loaded with stuff!


We had a wedding theatre, the two brides wandering around thanking everyone for coming to their wedding was hilarious. They wore beautiful handmade dresses from LK Bespoke Bridal… who is just the most talented lady. She takes unwanted dresses and adds a corset – that she makes, and makes them amazing again… I really would like a flower power corset! 


The bustle on this lilac dress is too cute… and to the right the fluffy flower dress that makes me want to get married again… in the woods in spring! 


 There were so many beautiful exhibitors, I cannot wait to get the official photos and show you all!


So many tasty treats too… Ice cream from Copoazu Ices and cakes and canapés from riverstation… bet you wish you had come now hey!


Our pastry chefs kill me, that cake on the left… we’ll come back to that shortly.


It was an amazing day and I had so many brides give such amazing feedback, it was a lovely feeling. It always is to see an event that you have worked hard on come off so well, and for everyone to get what you are doing too.

I went home exhausted laden with gifts… and a big slice of that cake. Which is amazing. If you get married with us, get your cake with us, easy and AMAZING.

I poured myself a big glass of wine and snuggled with my Husband and Biggie on the sofa for the rest of the evening. 


I really did do well, we had L’Occitane visit us too with their own goody bags, one of which of course I had to snag, I also got given lots of lovely flowers from our florists Pom Pon and Ivory Flowers. Their stands were so beautiful and the roses… the scent is filling my house. 


Sunday I was still tired, I am such a weakling!

I woke up and forgot about my fasting rules (no eating between 8pm and 12pm) and made myself huge mugs of tea all morning and ate poached eggs on toast with lots of sea salt.

I made a fuss of my poor husband who has been ill all week, and has rib damage from his training and been neglected by me… 


Then it was family duty, I jumped on a train with a coffee and some horror stories… (what if Romney wins!?) and went to visit my Grandma with my Mum… she is in a home as she had dementia…

It was so lovely to see her and she is finally settling.

It’s sometimes been heart breaking to visit but yesterday was great, talking about my Grandad and looking at old photos. She’s so wonderful, as is my Mum who visits her so much more than me. Lush day.


I feel like I need another weekend after that one!


The Weekend…

October 1, 2012

Happily I have had another gorgeous weekend…

There were seriously sunny morning trips to my local bakery to pick up some wintry treats…


I also had to visit the flower stall again these ladies grow the most amazing dahlias… if only I had found these a year ago…


You can find her outside Bristol Beer Factory and Marks Bread on North Street from around 9am on Fridays and Saturdays. She is super lovely and has amazing little hand ties from £5.80. Bargains. Go see her and tell her the girl who loves dahlias sent you.


There were big brunches at home with tea on tap and Pies too, showing Finnish friends how we do in Bristol…


There were hazy autumnal walks in the sunshine and another amazing dinner at Souk Kitchen, if you live in Bristol and haven’t been, make the trip South its so worth it I promise.


The amazing home-made dips are a must pick and the specials always have something you need to try…


I also worked at two weddings, so rushed grab and go bites to eat were happening a lot too…


Really gorgeous wedding with amazing bride and grooms. I say this a hell of a lot but its the best job.

I played with confetti…


We set up our first ever sweetheart table… love this!


I arranged gorgeous flowers… and swooned over the Brides beautiful bouquet…


I made Pom Pom’s and this is the Brides beautiful birthday cake… chocolate cake with pink frosting?! I die.


Not to mention the beautifully made classic wedding cake, and cutest favour bags of love…


I learn how to make pasta from scratch…

We made some beautiful butternut squash and mascarpone ravioli… with sage butter, I need to make this all the time. So. Good.

I have had it in restaurants but to be able to make this at home might be dangerous, no-one can eat butter every night and still fit into their jeans… right?


There were bubbles and sharing of my beautiful pasta and another new skill, I also learnt how to make risotto… with one of my best girls who is leaving me to go travelling *sob*


I learnt all these (simple but new to me) tricks at the Square Food Foundation… doing amazing things for food in Bristol, go check them out and help support but doing a cookery course, which are the best value I have seen. Learning and helping others. Such a great idea.

I’ll share a gorgeous recipe with you this week right here!

Have a good week everyone


Simple Pleasures… Flowers

September 28, 2012

Another favourite thing, that makes me feel so good is buying flowers for my house…

There is nothing like treating yourself to a little hand tie posy and a few bunches of fragrant blooms to make your home smell amazing.

I am lucky that right now I have a house full after a couple from Dubai left us all their flowers after their wedding last week. Score.

My favourites for small are hyacinth’s and freesia’s and of course nothing is sweeter than a rose.

For a visual impact that you can’t fail to miss I love sunflowers and hydrangea’s at the moment… mostly I love a bouquet put together by someone who knows what they are doing.

My local Sunday farmers market has a great florist so if I am heading there looking for a special Sunday dinner I often pick up myself a little treat but my favourite place to go is Flowers of Stokes Croft

They did my wedding flowers and grow their own British varieties. There is always something unusual in there… not just the standard… I cannot bear germini which seem to be everywhere and in every bouquet so it’s always a delight to visit and walk out with the prettiest unusual flowers.

Image – Park and Cube from Colombia Flower Market… the mecca. I so want to go when I have a ride home so I can buy lots of bunches.

I adore flowers, I can totally see why Elton spends so much money a year on them… he can afford it! If I could afford it I would visit the florists every week too!

My favourite flowers are everywhere at the moment, I am going to try to get some today.

Design Sponge reminded me just how much I love Hyacinth’s with these lovely photographs.

They are pretty but the main reason I love them is that they smell amazing. Spring is sprung!

Thanks to Design Sponge for such a lovely post, I had to share.