Another Bond-equse jaw dropping house…

Lets jet away for a moment… 




Lets imagine reclining on that long sofa with a glossy and a long cocktail… 

Dipping your toes into that pool with the sun on your face… 


Before diving in… 





Spotted on Design Boom


Since I have been decorating at home I have become obsessed with other people’s homes. I thought I’d share this one that really spoke to me… but is probably a little too girlie for this ever to pass in my house. Hmpf.

Spotted at my favourite place to oogle homes Design Sponge.

You can see the full post and who the home belongs too here

I love her work space…

  über jealous of the glam chandelier…

 I am still working out where the best place is for our blackboard wall but we are definitely having one.

The coral pink sofa… to die for! 

 Cute details in her daughter’s room, now if you can’t get crazy girlie in a little girls room where can you?

And the master details… so restrained. 

 Serious gorgeous bed.

Big old Swoon right here!

Villa Vista

March 4, 2011

Spotted on Design Boom, a ridiculously amazing villa in Sri Lanka.

Oh yes, I could definitely see myself living there, it’s a bit James Bond, imagine the parties you could have!

Major Swoon!