Simple Pleasures… Flowers

September 28, 2012

Another favourite thing, that makes me feel so good is buying flowers for my house…

There is nothing like treating yourself to a little hand tie posy and a few bunches of fragrant blooms to make your home smell amazing.

I am lucky that right now I have a house full after a couple from Dubai left us all their flowers after their wedding last week. Score.

My favourites for small are hyacinth’s and freesia’s and of course nothing is sweeter than a rose.

For a visual impact that you can’t fail to miss I love sunflowers and hydrangea’s at the moment… mostly I love a bouquet put together by someone who knows what they are doing.

My local Sunday farmers market has a great florist so if I am heading there looking for a special Sunday dinner I often pick up myself a little treat but my favourite place to go is Flowers of Stokes Croft

They did my wedding flowers and grow their own British varieties. There is always something unusual in there… not just the standard… I cannot bear germini which seem to be everywhere and in every bouquet so it’s always a delight to visit and walk out with the prettiest unusual flowers.

Image – Park and Cube from Colombia Flower Market… the mecca. I so want to go when I have a ride home so I can buy lots of bunches.


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