Our little trip to Greece was a little while ago now but I still wanted to share the hotel details with you, it was such a great little place…

We started off quite badly by missing our flights  so missed our first night, the hotel couldn’t have been nicer about the whole thing and reassured me via email that our booking would be unaffected and we could be picked up the next day.

We were met at the airport by a driver (despite our flight landing a little late) who refreshed us with bottles of iced tea and told us about the island’s places of interest as we drove and a short ride later we arrived…

I loved the lobby!



If, unlike my Husband and I, you don’t travel with laptop’s then they have some for you to use here… we also had free wi-fi at the hotel for our stay, I really dislike hotels that charge especially as it only seems to be the bigger chain that do so.

It means my Husband can stay on top of his work (being self-employed) which means we are both more relaxed… also I can get my instagram fix.



The hotel is such a calming place, it felt like a spa with all the whites and muted colours…


We were then shown to our huge room… that bed, man I miss that bed…

There was also a seat and a sofa-bed plus a long bench and a table. So much room to spread out.


The bathroom was, as most hotels have now, a basin and shower in the room and a separate toilet.

I loved the brushed concrete walls and the mood lighting in the shower…


Most of all I loved our view, we were overlooking the pool, although not huge this was the bigger of the two pools… and waking up to this every morning was heaven, for the first time in a long time my Husband slept in and I was the early riser getting in little swims before he woke…



The practicalities…  the pool is fairly small but we never found it overcrowded, and we always managed to get one of the six sun loungers when we wanted one, this might not be the case in high-season but we never found it an issue and liked that it was a quieter place to go when we didn’t want to be on the beach.

They also provided towels free of charge for the pool and beach leaving your fluffy white ones in the room.


I loved the little fairy lights in the pool at night too, magical.


And so the beach…


This hotel is smack bang on the beach, the restaurant where you eat breakfast everyday spills out onto the sand, and has a number of sun beds and day beds, sofas and tables with and without shade to choose from…


This is what I long-looked forward to in the run up to getting away… sitting in the sun with a glass of wine…


The hotel plays music from early until late so although the beach rooms had an even better view than us they had a lot more noise to contend with, and the beach was a lot busier.

The beach was pretty much full of sun loungers, which I didn’t mind at all but then it wasn’t too busy. I imagine in high season this might not be my favourite place to be… as I like smaller, less busy beaches. 

Breakfast here was wonderful as well, they had the most amazing Greek yogurt and honey, which I could not get enough of, as well as juices and coffee etc.

They had an omelette chef ready and waiting if that was your desire… as well as a number of breads and baked treats and Greek pies…


…and the view, couldn’t have been better.



We didn’t eat at the hotel much purely because we were only there for such a short time and we love to explore but I did have to enjoy some sunlounger food action one afternoon and I loved that all I had to do was press a button on our umbrella and one of the wonderful staff members came to take my order… and the burger was everything a burger should be… huge and so tasty.

My chocolate shake was awesome too.


I would like to mention I did eat mostly Greek food the rest of the time!

And this is the water… the final amazing detail I have to share.


It was my kind of beach… not too busy (we were there early June, I am told it gets super busy), plenty of sun loungers, which by the way are free when you stay at the hotel, the water was cool and salty so I could float away to my heart’s content, and it was still and clear… which means I don’t get knocked about or scared.

It was the perfect place for a relaxing Babymoon.

Mykonos Ammos Hotel


A little recommendation today… we stayed in this hotel back in November but I just found these photos.

The main reason why this is such a great find was the price, we paid £115 for a room in London in a cool hotel. The rooms are small, granted, but most in London are and you still pay a premium.

The lobby is very cool…


There are lots of little areas to sit and relax in, in the huge lobby. Spots that you actually want to. I think this is a great attention to detail as the rooms are small this lobby area is quite important. 


decor  gun

When we returned from our evening out we very much enjoyed having cocktails by the fire (again good prices, expensive but in the London bracket not the hotel bracket)… 


chairs  chair2

The bar is open 24 hours, which again is good as the location in the South Bank is not bustling late at night… 




The rooms are small but comfortable, a little like pods. The bed takes up the whole of the end of the room and the bathroom is another small pod within the room.

We loved the toiletries,  the fact you can control everything in the room from the tablet as well as go on the internet, the mood lighting was very fun as well.

The beds are pretty awesome.


So next time you need to stay in London you can’t really go wrong with Citizen M, I think the prices may have gone up a little as we visited when it was brand new.

They have other locations too… I for one cannot wait for Paris to open!

Last Week…

November 20, 2012

I am back… from a great weekend.

I love when I have done something different to share, I am sure you all get bord of hearing about another chilled weekend at home!

Friday I had a long day at my day job before checking in at riverstation, after finding the inbox nice and tidy I found I had an hour to myself and so I was treated to a glass of wine by a friend and I sat and flicked through a magazine and had some quiet time (first chance all week).

I then went to join my friend Rachel for her final Bristol goodbye meal before she jets off to Asia… I ate delicious scallops with apple and drank too much wine (drowning my sorrows, she better come back!).


Saturday I finally got my butt back to the gym, much-needed I can tell you before eating a naughty/healthy lunch of bacon (a birthday present – the BEST bacon I have ever had) and avocado on seeded bread… while Biggie lazed around on the floor.


Then that night my Husband had a boxing match, he had been training for 10 weeks to learn how to box with 31 other guys… then they matched them up for a proper match. So me and some friends went to cheer him on.

I wore my wedding shoes for luck (didn’t work).

The set up was crazy, like a proper match… it must have been so nerve-wracking for the guys, it was bad enough for me. Adam was second and I was shaking like a leaf when he walked out, my heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to burst through my chest.

I am so proud of him, its such an achievement and I think he’ll do it again next year… now he knows a little more than he did he’ll win next time for sure.

I also drank far too much wine.


We enjoyed lovely winter weather, with an amazing sunset on Saturday night and beautiful clear blue skies on Sunday morning… 


Sunday my Husband took me to London for the night for a late birthday treat… 


We went for a mooch around Covent Garden, where I spent most time in my favourite store Kate Spade… sometimes I think they make their lines just me for I love everything so much! 



Then we went for a roast at Hawksmoor


It was easily the best classic roast dinner we have had. I followed up with salted caramel rolos. Amaze. 


Then, having eaten a huge roast we went to check into our hotel and lie down for an hour…

We stayed at Citizen M in Southwark. It’s very good and great value due to the rooms being smaller – which London rooms generally are anyway.

I’ll share more from the hotel soon…



We had tickets for Crazy Horse so walked from our hotel along the river… 


Before going to watch those crazy ladies dance. I loved the neon lights…


It was so much fun!

It is pretty weird and very avant-garde… it is French after all. I loved the fun cheeky numbers the best (Baby Buns!)… and Kelly Brook was very funny with her Miss Bisou.


Then we went and had cocktails by the fire back at the hotel before snacking on ice cream in our pod bed. Oh my apple pie is the shizzle. 


On Monday we had a very lazy morning… eating croissants and granola with cappuccinos in bed before making our way back to Covent Garden to have lunch with my father-in-law… via jewellery swooning and the Chanel pop up… 


Also waving to the Queen and her corgies… and loving this pop up kitchen store. 


Then we went for hamburgers at Byron


After drinking far too much all weekend all I can handle was a real lemonade… but I loved the pale ale label on my husbands beer.


The burgers are so good… I had the Mo, which had cheese and pickles… After beef two days in a row I was stuffed… and dreading the tube.

I do not know how Londoners do it every day… why so pushy and angry? Oh yeh the tube!

Luckily my Father-in-law let us borrow his driver and we got chauffeured to Paddington past all the sites… where I actually waved to the Queen.  I wish I could have this all the time!


Amazing weekend, big thanks to Adam for an amazing birthday.


Santa Cruz

August 21, 2012

After leaving Carmel and dropping into Monterey Bay we drove further North and had a one night stop over in Santa Cruz.

This place must be amazing in the summer, the California version of Blackpool; there is a boardwalk and a proper fair ground with a huge ferris wheel and everything. Unfortunately we were there in February so most of this was closed.

This was the view from our amazing hotel room. This hotel was extra lovely, probably because we were only there for one night but they upgraded us to an ocean view room right at the top of the building. 

To the left we could see the rest of the hotel, with an amazing pool area. Gutted we couldn’t use it but the further north we went the colder it got.


 We didn’t get much chance to explore as we arrived early evening, I went out for a walk to stock up on shampoo etc (I loved the US drugstores and we were near the end of the tip) I loved the small town feel Santa Cruz has.

Then I got back to more treats from the lovely hotel staff… how cute is that? 

Then we went for a stroll along the boardwalk and checked out the cheesy fairground bits there were open…

 Before an amazing dinner at our hotel, I had some beautiful scallops with a mushroom pasta dish…

But my Husband totally out menu’d me with his choice of fried chicken with mac and cheese, now I adore scallops but look at that…

And then at the end as a nod to the seaside fairground location they gave us some candy floss for dessert. 

 This little bed and breakfast across the road looked so spooky!

We stayed at the lovely Dream Inn and we were only there for 1 short night and morning but I couldn’t fault it, I loved our room and would really love to visit during the summer. I think it would be a really fun place to have a break. 

Ragdale Hall

August 18, 2012

Last weekend I instgramed my way through a lovely spa trip with my mother and sister-in-law…

My husband and I travelled to their house just outside of London on Wednesday… he started me off in style; I was sipping white wine and reading glossies while we waited for our train.


Adam stayed with his Dad for the weekend while us girls headed north to Ragdale Hall.

The hotel is stunning and my to do list was strong…


Ragdale is a proper spa, your stay revolves around your treatments and activities.

You start each day with room service, lots of healthy breakfast treats are brought to you at around 8am… you also have a timetable of your days treatments… I started with an amazing Declor massage. I wish I could start every weekend like this!


You can book your treatments in advance or when you arrive and they timetable it all for you. I had a full body massage, a facial, and a couple of mini massages. I forgot how good they are and how at peace I feel afterwards. I really want to schedule in some time for more of this in my day-to-day life.

In between treatments and eating we strolled around the beautiful gardens in our bikinis and robes… we pretty much only dressed for dinner.


It was a really nice day and hot enough to sunbathe and swim in the pool outside. 


We fitted in a few activities like we were there, a great Pilates class and fitness yoga. Have you ever done yoga at speed to dance music? It’s quite strange. 

The views around the hotel are beautiful, all corn fields. The photograph on the left is your view from the gym.


There is also an amazing spa, lots of different saunas and steam rooms, jacuzzi as well as two indoor pools with tons of massage bubble jets.

We drank bubbles in the sunny conservatory and had lovely long dinners together every night. Each meal was 3 courses, but there are plenty of healthy options and you could easily treat this as a proper healthy detox weekend… needless to say we did not do this, anyway bubbles are low cal.

There are multiple areas to relax in around Ragdale and I didn’t get to try them all out but I hope for a return trip in the winter when sitting on the comfy sofas around various fires is all you want to do.


Then it was back south for an early anniversary celebratory family dinner and fun with AlfieDog. We had a BBQ that’s his begging for sausages face. We couldn’t resist.


I had such an amazing time and felt so rested after just a couple of days away. It’s amazing what some family time does. 


Highly recommended – Ragdale Hall

I have to recommend our motel in Santa Barbara, I have used this word too much in this town but it was super super cute!

Recommended to us by Laura of Bellevue Bakery, as soon as I saw the rooms and the price I booked it, it actually won out over much bigger places and I am so glad it did. 

It has these amazing deck in front of our room…

And our room was so lovely, all white with a wooden roof and decals on the wall. I loved them.

Also who doesn’t love a stack of really cool glossies.

All lit up at night… retro…


We loved the free beach cruiser bikes they have, you can borrow them anytime… cruisers are bikes with no brakes, you just back pedal… it takes a second to used to it but it is a casual way to ride.

The best thing about the motel was the store they had downstairs… it was amazing. The kind of store I would put together if I had a little space.

The Supply Room


Loved the cool jewellery… especially the necklace bottom right, I have a neon one just like it. 

As a bag addict, I really wanted this tote, but since I was already carrying 5 bags, yes 5, I wasn’t allow it. Such a nice travel bag though. 

And having had a Claire Viver clutch on my want list forever it took all my will power not to bag one of these.


 These leather ‘paper’ bags are so fun, I’d love one for my lunch.

Want these cuties so bad, black and gold.

 Who doesn’t love beautiful smelling candles for your home? These would have never made the flight. The glass is lovely.

And the one souvenir I could take away, and from a company I already buy from on etsy; Tabletop Made too I had to buy the left my heart in Santa Barbara card! 

The Presidio Motel – Santa Barbara

See my two blogs about Santa Barbara here

More about Furneaux Lodge, I am mad about this place. On a big wedding anniversary I intend for us to make it back. 


The water taxi will drop you off at the jetty where you are met with a golf cart and a big smile.

You walk through the beautiful grounds…

To the gorgeous main house…

We booked a suite, it was so lovely, all calm and serene stone colours…

Our big plush bed with crisp sheets and big poofy pillows. They even left chocolates with our towels. Heaven.

You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to the restaurant will feed you well.

We ate breakfast twice and had an amazing meal after our bush walk

There is some crazy decor inside the lodge. 

We ate seafood, surrounded by water, what else would you eat? 

Highly recommend a stay here, the lodge is luxurious and secluded and the staff cannot do enough for you. Do a walking holiday and get on the Queen Charlotte Track!

Furneaux Lodge – The Marlborough Sounds