Swooning Over… Blushington

November 6, 2012

I spotted this store on Glitter Guide… I absolutely love the concept and wish we had something like this in Bristol. Someone do this!

Basically it’s a proper beauty parlour… you go and pay for the service of a professional make up artist giving you a look. They focus on natural make up and smokey eyes. The only other place you can get this service is make up counters, where generally they cake your face in make up and then you get the hard sell on products.

Here because you have paid for the service there is none of this, they will advice on products but not push you to buy.

 They are also next door to Dry Bar, think same thing for a blow dry. Amazing.

Blushington – Los Angeles


Friday Favourites…

October 19, 2012

Happy Friday!

A little shopping list and some recommendations today… I am obviously feeling the need to splurge a little, and there are things I need.

It is that time of year when my lips are super sore and chapped due to cold winds and heated offices. I am in dire need of a super duper balm… this, I have been told is the shizzle. I will be hot-footing it out at lunchtime to snap some up…

Recommend by Sali Hughes available here at John Lewis. 

I have straight hair. Straight, straight, straight. Of course I would love curls, every girl wants what they don’t have right? So I really want to try these out… if I could just persuade my Husband not to laugh at them in my hair overnight…

 Available from Browns 

All of my flats have died a death, I really must stop walking to work in them everyday and commute in my trainers… these are on my wish-replace-list.

I need them so bad… 
These  beauties are from Gap, leave some for me please.

I am also in desperate need (yes desperate – it is getting so cold and I have none!) of jumpers… I would love to fill my drawer with the beautiful Chinti and Parker cashmere knits but they are just a little out of my budget so will be hunting for cashmere mix sweaters at Gap and Zara instead…

So pretty…

Available at Net a Porter

Have a good weekend everyone, I am off to shop…

Glossy Box

March 27, 2012

So I am sure many people have heard of Glossy Box or a similar scheme but if you haven’t then read on… it’s pretty amazing.

It is a subscription service, for £10 a month plus postage you get a little box of beauty treats every month.

I have only just started but was very pleased with my first box; The Harrods Edition.

It comes beautifully packaged, it’s like getting a present.

Some of the products are sample sizes, then some of more mini versions.

A mini Burberry lipstick, which is amazing I have to say.

And a little Fendi perfume.

But the best product was Ojon Damage reverse™ Instant Restorative Hair Serum, which is amazing. I haven’t had my hair cut for nearly six months now, due to my trip and now lack of funds and this has worked wonders. Highly recommended.

Glossy Box – There are others, they are cheaper ones, but this was the one I liked the look of.

I am going to love getting this little box of treats every month.

I saw this recommended by Liberty London Girl and decided to go for it as I want ‘glowy skin’, I want it anyway but I particularly want to be glowy at my wedding so have been looking for something special.

Sacha at Liberty London Girl said this made her skin look great during fashion week when I am guessing she was VERY busy!

I liked that it is organic and made in the Cotswolds too. So I splurged.

I have to say the packaging is gorgeous!

Pink and gold… amazing.

The cream is oh so light almost like a mousse, and a lovely smell, and after using it for two weeks I have to say I adore it already.

However if you don’t like strong smells I wouldn’t recommend it, because it uses essential oils it is quite strong.

They say;

“We recently discovered a new ingredient; fresh rose cells from the rose damascene plant that regenerate and restore vitality to the skin and are able to penetrate into deeper levels of the skin. These fresh cells combine beautifully with our rose damascene oil to bring extraordinary results-hydrated skin full of vitality and radiance. Our rose face cream is exquisite-with its soft and fluffy texture it penetrates easily and deeply and is healing.”

 Available from Ila Spa

Green and Spring

March 31, 2011

I love this range of natural skincare, and it’s made in England. Even better.

The packaging is oh so pretty as well.

Go on treat yourself at Green and Spring


Great Elm Physick Garden

February 28, 2011

I recently purchased the most amazing natural balm and had to recommend this place to you all.

I have the Lavender Salve, it’s a little bit like 8 hour cream in its uses, from dry skin, to dry lips or an intensive soothing mask its amazing, all natural too.

I found this at a Christmas fair when my lips were so so sore and cracked and someone from the Great Elm stand gave me a cotton bud with some on, I immediately regretted not buying some there and then because that little bit soothed my sore lips so much that I went home and ordered some straight away.

I now want more of their products, my wish list;

The packaging is gorgeous too, check them out here they also do workshops and courses so you can make your own goodies, I hope to do one this summer.