I love bread. Real bread, not the kind you get from the supermarket that is not filling at all, and oh so flimsy but the real kind you get from a proper baker (or bake yourself)

The kind that when a big old lump of butter is added is becomes the most delicious snack in the world!

And when filled with something yummy like sausages and caramelised onions… it becomes an amazing dinner; so satisfying.

I want to recommend for Bristol people, Marks Bread in Bedminster (sooooo good!) and Hobbs House Bread, which is were the bread from above came from and is available all over Bristol in shops and restaurants.

I am trying not to buy rubbish bread from now on, its just not worth it!

Tell me about your local bakeries!


Atlantic Blanket Company

January 31, 2011

I love blankets and quilts, I have started a nice collection (mostly thanks to my ‘Godmother’ who makes amazing quilts) and TK Maxx, where I have found a beautiful Ralph Lauren blanket for a bargain, and a beautiful classic blanket the Boy owns…

But I want more! Blankets I can throw on the grass in the garden for an afternoon nap, or take on a picnic, and have them throw over beds and sofas in the winter so everyone is cosy.

Atlantic Blanket Company have some beauties…

A gorgeous fringed Celtic pattern

Blue tweed

A cosy cream

Imagine wrapping yourself in this in front of the fire!

A pretty pink crofters

A beautiful bright red wool

A picnic rug

A blanket (and more goodies) for every occasion


A Mantra

January 29, 2011

I just saw this on Apartment #34 and had to share, it’s cool, a good mantra I think…


January 28, 2011


What are your plans for the weekend?

It’s the last weekend before pay-day so I am spending Friday night in with my new favourite show Mad Men and take out food…

Saturday day will be spent doing chores at home followed by a friend’s birthday with dinner at my favourite neighbourhood restaurant Souk (see my visit on Full as an Egg) followed by dancing!

Then a cheese festival on Sunday!

Amazing…a festival just for cheese YUM, there’s no being healthy on Sundays…

It’s at the Glass Boat, one of my favourite restaurants in Bristol, check out their Summer Fayre here

Happy Weekend!


January 28, 2011

I am nesting, slowly but surely decorating and making a home, but living with a boy and being a massive girly girl we differ on most things…

I want French inspired rooms with gold and glass and frills…

He wants blues and clean lines and nothing frilly…



I have to say though, I rather love this one, very much like our bedroom, might have to steal some ideas, anyone have some Louis Vuitton they don’t want?

What’s great is we have a guest room, which is also where my wardrobe is so I can go girly crazy in there, and that is my plan…

Colourful would be fun…

My inspiration…

I want the room to look clean but cozy and inviting, not too styled and to be really comfortable so my guests feel like they can throw themselves on the bed and get really comfortable

 I had better get planning!



January 27, 2011

Its getting cold again…

I want snow again, but only on my days off so I can play and then snuggle at home.

This is an actual picture of real snowflakes from a lovely crafty blog I like… I had to share this it’s just too beautiful

Elsie Marley is a great blog with lots of little craft projects to do at home, go look…



January 27, 2011

My mind is elsewhere this week, it’s Paris fashion week and the photographs coming out of the shows are making me SWOON!

Anyway… here are some little treats that have arrived in my inbox this week. Lets forget the autumn/winter shows I am obsessed with all things romantic right now, pinks, reds, flowers… and I love dresses.

This beautiful dress from YSL at Matches… and from Max Mara at Matches

D&G Goddess gown from My Wardrobe, Red gown from Max Mara at Matches

Milly f rom My Wardrobe, plus yet another beauty from Max Mara at Matches


Valentino from Net a Porter and Giambattista Valli at Net a Porter



This Erdem dress is a dream… from Net a Porter

As is owning some Alexander McQueen at Net a Porter; pure drama

Victoria Beckham at Net a Porter and another McQueen masterpiece from Net a Porter

For nothing less than a hot date… Herve Leger at Net a Porter

A dress I would wear every day… Jason Wu at Net a Porter

I could do this all day… Swoon!