February 3, 2014


This month…

I am aiming to continue to eat well, the scales have started to move in the right direction! I may still be having treats but meals have been super healthy and I intend to keep that up – Holiday in 5 months and counting!

I will try to step up the exercise, I hit Nike hard this payday, nothing like new gym kit for motivation! It will be hard to find the time but if nothing else I am going to take more (and longer) walks with the buggy.

I have lots of work on so I am going to write myself a schedule. I think having regular working times will help me get into habits and make it easier to get done. I am really enjoying using my brain to think about something else other than baby… it reminds me that I am still me.

I will be celebrating my husbands birthday and a favourite holiday – Valentines! I have an awesome card this year.

What are you looking forward to this month?