Get Lippy

January 13, 2014

DYING over this dress.


Available from Shopbop


Mama Fashion Essentials

January 3, 2014

So right now my options are limited due to breastfeeding and  not being back into some of my clothes yet (working on it) but I thought I’d share what I have found useful in terms of clothes.

So working bottom up…

I live in my hightops and biker boots… I am currently looking to upgrade them with these beauties from Whistles for smarter occasions now it’s getting colder.


I like slipping into a little heel when I am going somewhere nice but for stomping with a buggy I highly recommend getting some comfy boots – you don’t want to wear trainers every day and with the beautiful English weather you need to keep your feet dry – you have enough to worry about without being uncomfortable.

I got my boots from Kurt Geiger they are the best on the high street and the sale is on right now, treat yourself Mamas (and non-Mamas!)

I am living in my black skinnies. I have tried to find some blue jeans and skirts but until I am back to myself these are the most flattering, go for a high waist it makes me feel pulled in. ASOS have a great selection of high waisted, soft denim at a great price point – I don’t want to spend much on clothes that won’t fit me for too long.

I have just added these ripped ones to my wardrobe to mix it up a little…


I also have some great postnatal leggings from Emma Jane which are super tight and help in those early jeans to get your tummy flat again.

When out and about I like to be able to feed discreetly, this means I am comfortable feeding anywhere – and I live in my striped Jojo Maman Bebe tops, they are so discreet that once baby is latched on no one can see a thing. Very flattering and comfortable too. I have one in every colour!


I have found it quite hard to find nice feeding clothes, even well known maternity brands don’t seem to make much and when I have found nice things they have been super expensive for a clothing item that I’ll only wear for a matter of months.
Having said that a good top is worth it weight in gold and you’ll live in the ones you like and feel comfortable in. Seraphine do really nice ones (and have a sale on) as do Isabella Oliver and Blossom.

I also recommend stocking up on scarves if you’re super shy like me, they are great for hiding even more as well as stopping baby from getting distracted. My scarf collection is strong!

I love this one from Whistles, am adding to my basket it right now.


You’ll also need a good nursing bra, get yourself measured and get one that fits (no matter how upsetting your new enhanced size might be!) I am repeating myself here but it’s so important to be comfortable, breastfeeding is hard enough without being in pain. I went to Mothercare and the sales assistants were super helpful, I stocked up there as they have a huge selection and then got some pretty ones at Figleaves.

On top at home I am all about loose tees and cosy jumpers… I love my cashmere Whistles jumper for a cosy treat after I have put the little one to bed of course, I do not want accidents on hand-wash only clothing!

I also still, and this is upsetting for me as I used only wear them to the gym, live in leggings at home. I recommend you treat yourself to some nice ones as you’ll be in them a lot. I got some from Hush and Gap.


I also treated myself to some nice loungewear, you’ll be home a lot so get comfy and relish it… as soon as baby is running around I am told I’ll miss these quiet days. I love these;


You may as well be styling while you’re comfy right? A few nice bits have made me feel so much better when I am staying at home, especially when visitors drop by.

Last but not least you need a good coat this time of year. I am living in my Whistles parka (can you tell I am obsessed with this store?) you need pockets and a good hood and this is perfect. Parka’s are everywhere right now and it was the best investment.


I’d love to hear any more Mama tips for clothes… especially for going out to dinner etc (something I have not done much of) and the future stages!

Lusting After….

November 19, 2013

This watch BIG time!


ASOS Autumn Wishes

September 12, 2013

So September is here…  and I am looking forward to adding some cosy pieces to my wardrobe!

My wishlist on ASOS is growing, I love that you can save your favourites and make a shopping list.

I would like some cosy hats, I often live in beanies in the winter, and I love this one;


And I really want a smarter hat too… I am thinking a big wide brimmed hat would be great to style up casual coats… this one is perfect


I have so many summer scarves now, I have been using them to dress my bump but I will need a big thick wool one. I get ill if it’s cold and I don’t cover my neck!

I love this one  (it would be great with a leather jacket)


And I love this out-size scarf


I have been coveting a leather jacket  from Whistles for EVER. This one is currently top of the list.


I would also really like a casual varsity for the warmer transitional months since I don’t have to worry about being smart for a little while.


I will also stock up on a few cosy knits… you cannot have enough of these!

This one from Ted Baker would be great with some chunky boots and skinny jeans for when I want to be really cosy and covered…


And this one from Whistles so I can feel on trend and a little dressed up on those days when more effort is needed…


I cannot wait for the day that I can put on a little dress again… my birthday is in a few months and I am hoping I’ll have a chance to put one on!

This one from French Connection is super cute…


And I really want a wrap dress, also from French Connection having been told they are super flattering…


And skirts… I have missed wearing skirts so much…

Love this one from Whistles, totally my style.


And this flippy number would be great with thick tights and my much loved leather jacket!


I definitely want some chunky boots… or some knee highs… I am trying to work out which will get the most wear.



Or something more like this


I know for a fact I don’t need new jeans… but I also cannot wait to be back into normal jeans!

Shopping will begin again in earnest… first I need to have this baby and get active again.

Kate Spade – Cinema

August 8, 2013

Kate Spade is still one of my favourite stores… I love their fun accessories more than anything.

These new ones caught my eye and I had to share… 




Kate Spade – Cinema


August 5, 2013

I have been a busy bee of late, no change there except that I don’t think I can handle it anymore! Most of it has been lovely things though so I am not complaining…

A week or so ago I went back to Ragdale… after last years trip we are going to try to take a girls trip together every year, it’s so nice to get away and have quiet time.

This year going quite heavily pregnant I think I appreciated it even more, it came at a time when I really needed to unwind, I spent lots of time quietly reading and swimming… as I couldn’t use of most of the spa facilities I read a lot of glossies.

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I also had a few amazing treatments, facials and pregnancy massage, which were amazing. I am starting to feel so heavy now so am looking into some pregnancy massage here at home. I know how good they make you feel, it’s so worth it.

I love the breakfast in bed at Ragdale… although one day I woke up so early by the time it arrived I was starving… luckily I took a few emergency snacks.

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It was so hot and humid so I really enjoying jumping into the outdoor pool for a cooler swim, even walking out in the evening to dip my hot feet in. We were glad when a storm arrived to cool us all down – even if the temperature didn’t drop that much. 

e65e60dcf30a11e280b322000a1f9c82_5  92513c18f2d711e28d2722000a1f8fa0_5

There was also lots of eating… tea and cake in the garden is a must, normally I am too full as the meals at Ragdale are 3 courses every time but we decided to skip a few courses here and there to make room, so glad I did my rose cupcake was gorgeous, so was my sisters red velvet cake!

e7df6494f2ef11e2ad9722000a9e2977_5  281d98e6f23c11e295f622000ae90e55_5

The final preparations for Baby’s arrival are happening, and presents keep arriving – we feel so lucky. My Mama got us this beautiful Moses basket.

My Mr also brought me a beautiful dress to wear to my baby shower… I love every piece I have brought from Isabella Oliver and if you keep an eye on their offers and sales you can really get a bargain. Their clothes are well made and make you feel pulled together at a time when it’s really hard to do that. 

01e3a5d2f13111e2b2f422000a9f1255_5  7f4373aaf43211e2b19622000a1f9d89_5

I have been enjoying the last few weeks of quiet time with my husband, going out for breakfast and talking nothing but Baby, also eating and indulging when I can, I get full so very quickly so small snacks are me right now.  

4d4a0260f77011e2b30a22000aa80109_5  24301f68f3dd11e2b31922000a9e5b22_5

I had a lovely lunch in the sunshine near Bath with my Dad, I love the Cross Guns at Avoncliff, for the location alone it’s worth a visit. A real country pub with lots of ales on tap and proper pub food.  

161140bafb6211e2901622000a1fa7fb_5  f7473ea0fb6111e29dfb22000a9e5ac6_5

My gorgeous friends Sarah and Michele also threw me the  most wonderful baby shower… here is a little peak of my dress and a snippet of all the amazing gifts Baby was given. I have the best friends, and cannot wait to show you more when I get the photos, it was a supremely girly affair.

350e4fc2faee11e28f3922000ae90d55_5  ef59da36faee11e2afff22000aeb0fde_5

This weekend is the start of trying to have more downtime, I am still working full-time which is becoming tough – any tips from other Mama’s on getting through my last month would be great! 

We met friends at a festival in a park near where I used to live… it’s easily one of the best parks in Bristol… I love this avenue of trees…

ddc748a4fc4611e2b52122000a1fa4b5_5  0243a254fc4711e28df922000a9f1991_5

Then we got BBQ take out and watching movies on the sofa… the first time I have managed to do so in forever.

Yesterday I made a breakfast favourite of creamy scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and did lots of tidying and organising in between sitting staring at my flowers and cards… it was a good weekend. 

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I love this so much, super cute.

In the wonderful weather we have been having lately this dress would be lovely to wear. If only I had a waist!


And a spare £900! It’s nice to dream though…

Available from Alexander Terekhov at Avenue32