Make Up

January 21, 2014

I thought I would share my recommendations for  make up today, what I love and wear. This is actually my basic face, what I wear every day…

I haven’t included eyeshadows as I change frequently, ditto with lipsticks although I love red and have way too many red lipsticks!

Make Up

I’ll start from the base, I wear Chantecaille Just Skin tinted moisturiser. It’s expensive but worth it as you really don’t need to wear a lot its great coverage for a tinted moisturiser. My last tube lasted me for ever so it’s totally worth the price tag, with cheaper foundations that I do buy when I’ve run out now and again might be £20 but last me a couple of months. Go to Space NK and get them to find the right shade for you.

Then Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat for those dark circles… so necessary. I am sure this product needs no introduction. Again go to a store and find the right shade. So important.

Blusher; I love the new Chanel creme blush, blusher is my favourite product I am obsessed! I also love Topshop’s creme blush especially the cute packaging.

I then double up with a powder – at the moment I am loving Benefit’s Coralista, I love benefits powder blushes, especially the fun packaging.

I discovered Laura Mercier’s loose setting powder when I was buying make up for my wedding. It’s amazing. It’s translucent and not cakey in any way and it helps hold everything in place. I also love Laura Mercier’s concealer for blemishes – do not use a high-lighter for that.

I discovered brow’s again before my wedding. I am very light-skinned and blonde so my eyebrows kind of get away with being untidy. But I do notice the difference when they are tidy though so I do make an effort now. I have them threaded as often as possible and tinted as well. In between I use Chanel’s brow scultping pencil to brush and fill in.

I always curl my eyelashes as they are also blonde and so short. When I can I get false eyelashes but they are tricky and a little annoying… but I do love how they look! If I don’t have false eyelashes I use Benefits they’re real and/or Benefits Bad Gal for more thickness. I have tried a lot of mascara’s and I always come back to these.

I love black khol eyeliner, and wear it all the time. I am currently using Mac’s but I also like Chanel. I always loose these which really annoys me.

Lastly every day I love Nivea lip balm and Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres. LOVE it.

So there you go. Seems like a lot but I have this down to about 5 minutes. If I really have no time it’s a little base cover, blusher (always) and mascara.

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