January 16, 2014

Lately I have been getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season, my husband is back at work and we are back on getting Jessica into a routine of activities, naps and bedtimes.

We are still all about the baby play-date, we love meeting up with our Mama buddies at Zazus for long mornings and multiple hot chocolates and we love it even more when people bring us ridiculously pretty cakes to eat!

unnamed  unnamed-1

I cannot give up my treats, although I am trying very hard… hot chocolates with frothy cream on top and pieces of toffee and sea salt chocolate with my afternoon cup of tea… if I am lucky Vogue gets a flick through.

unnamed-4  unnamed-5

I am loving having quiet days at home again, I am finding time to clean and rearrange things now and again.. it might take me all day to do one chest of drawers but it’s so satisfying. My new rose gold watch is sitting happily with my perfumes but I really need it resized so I can actually wear it. I feel so grown up wearing a watch!

I have also been writing thank you cards since the 27th of December… I finally mailed the pile today.

unnamed-7  unnamed-12

I got sick last week, that sucked. I always, every year without fail get a cold when the temperature drops. It considered with a baby growth spurt that left me without much sleep. It was fine though my Mum came one day, my in-laws another and my husband made me delicious cold busting curry and ensured I had tons of fruit in the house.

unnamed-2  unnamed-3

One day Jess and I just stayed home all day by ourselves, we didn’t leave the house once. I think she loved it, she’s such a homebody like her Mama. We watch movies together on the sofa including my favourite Great Expectations – made in 1946. I first saw it in school and have loved it ever since.

unnamed-6  unnamed-11

This week has been better, I am walking my husband to his office again and I popped into Small St Espresso for a proper amazing coffee before I headed home – I intend to do this more often.

unnamed-8  unnamed-9

Mostly I am just loving hanging out with my sweet girl, she is becoming more and more fun and we are the bestest friends.

unnamed-10  unnamed-13


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