January 14, 2014

I love eggs. I eat them pretty much every day now I am at home.

I go through phases, I make them until they are perfect and then I switch to something else. First it was poached… then I got them near perfect (most of the time) so I switched to scrambled – ditto, then baked eggs, which will never get old because of al the different additions there are… but there are so many things I want to make with eggs, here are my top ten most wanted!

Stovetop eggs with broccoli and asparagus with grated lemon zest on top served with green pesto.

Because I used to go to Cafe Delight when I promoted clubs on my flyer route and have poached eggs, smoked salmon and pesto on toast and it was the best fuel. This sounds like an equal winner.


Portuguese baked eggs.

Because I have made mini baked eggs for breakfast but this looks like an awesome dinner.


Bacon and egg breakfast pies.

Ummm because they look AWESOME.


Individual baked eggs with chanterelles.

I love this blog, the prettiest food. This simple dish will be delicious I know it.


Butter basted sunny side up

Because butter and eggs = the tastiest breakfast there is.


Egg, panchetta and gruyére cheese breakfast bread

I want to make this in the summer and take it on a picnic…


Soft boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers

Because my husband is on a diet and this is a treat he could have.


Smoked paprika red potatoes and egg bake

Because this is my two favourite foods combined.


Breakfast tostadas

Because mexican food is the best, having it for breakfast is something I need to do more.


Soft boiled eggs.

This is how I am loving my eggs right now. I try to have porridge some days, I go to bed thinking ‘yes porridge tomorrow’ and every morning I wake up starving and think there’s no way I am not having eggs.

They must be good eggs, I like Burford Browns or Cotswold Legbars only, unless we can buy them from a farm. I have them on toast with plenty of flakey sea salt, sometimes with spinach, sometimes with mushrooms or avocado but mostly I like them all on their own. It also means if the baby decides that she’s hungry I can eat it them with one hand. Necessary to think that way sometimes.


Now I am off to eat my eggs.

 (image 10)

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