January 9, 2014

So it’s the new year, a new month.

It’s the month when so many people resolve to be healthy in the new year, me included, but January is so miserable a month it’s a tough time to start when the last thing you want to do is go running in the rain and eat a salad!

It’s a month to make big meaty pies and drink red wine in front of a fire – I am hoping this is the year we can finally install a wood burner at home…


Jessica is going through a growth spurt so all good intentions I had have gone out of the window. It means my days are sluggish because I am tired and I need naps again. I am going to hunker down with baby and enjoy it… she is growing so fast.

I am going to make small efforts; switching my buttery toast for porridge in the morning (most days) and skipping the cake when I meet girlfriends for coffee, eating a ton of vegetables at dinner, starting my day with yoga and going for walks every day raining or not even if it’s just once around the park.

Otherwise I will be snuggling on the sofa with my baby girl under blankets in my most comfy clothing, lighting candles and drinking hot tea while we plough through my old movie collection…



I suggest you join me, lets ease ourselves into healthy living and concentrate on getting through this horrid dark month and make it something lovely.

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