Christmas and New Year 2013

January 6, 2014

Our first Christmas as a 3 started off stressful, for various reasons, but we managed to pull it back and make it special for us, Jessica had no idea what was going on of course but I have been establishing traditions with my husband for a couple of years already so I brought in some more just for her…

I decorated as soon as I could, although we didn’t put much up this year due to Jessica being a bit ill at the beginning of the month we didn’t really have the time and then we had to cancel our annual Christmas open house so I didn’t feel like adorning the house quite as much.

It was lovely getting all our tree ornaments out though, we buy something every year and have a few from our honeymoon so I always reminisce…

unnamed-1   unnamed

Instead of the usual Christmas drinks every night after work I made time for brunches and afternoon tea with friends at local spots…

unnamed  unnamed-1

I became obsessed with gingerbread hot chocolates and chai lattes at the cafes down the road, and my morning coffee was still enjoyed all by myself albeit in the dark with Christmas magazines.

unnamed-2  unnamed-3

I ate a million mince pies as usual, the best being the ones from Marks Bread and some from Prestat that my Mum brought over… to be enjoyed with boozy hot chocolates with cream of course!

unnamed-4  unnamed-3

On the last Sunday before Christmas we had a friends Christmas treat with lunch at The Ethicurian, a place I have wanted to eat at for a long time (I had breakfast there a long time ago) and I was not disappointed.

The setting itself is beautiful, we enjoyed some celebration bubbles… another baby on the way (not me of course) and this Somerset valley is one of my most favourite places…

unnamed  unnamed-1

We ate the prettiest, tastiest food too, I ate scallops followed by the most tender rib of beef ever and the best cake I ever tastiest… I am going back for that very soon; toffee apple cake…

unnamed-2  unnamed-3

I wrapped presents in my usual brown parcel paper, this year with black ribbon and white tags not super festive but oh so stylish… which I did fuelled by a little glass of something festive…

unnamed-4  unnamed-2

We got Jessica a cute Christmas outfit, which I really loved putting her in, I don’t think she was quite sure about her hat!

unnamed-2  unnamed

Our new tradition this year is that we all get to open a present on Christmas Eve, which will be new pajamas. This was so fun even though Jessica doesn’t care right now, she looked super cute, and I will love doing this every year, it felt really special.

We didn’t get her many presents this year but I did get her he cutest (biggest) stocking and a cute Maileg doll… I love their toys they are so pretty.

unnamed-2  unnamed

She got lots of presents but my favourites were the sign for her door that her Dad got her, and her first pair of Nikes from our friend Daddison… she is going to look so cool in these.

unnamed-1  unnamed-3

I got spoilt rotten, my Husband got me a beautiful diamond J on a white gold band which is so beautiful!

I also got some little Chanel packages which always goes down well… plus quite a bit more, lets just say I will be writing thank you letters for days.

unnamed  unnamed-1

We spent Christmas day at my in-laws with all of the that side plus my Mama joined us so no rushing around which was amazing. We all sat together and opened our gifts in front of the fire with bubbles before eating a gorgeous dinner, and repeating it all over again on Boxing day before trying and failing to walk it all off in the winter sunshine…

unnamed-2  unnamed-1

I already love Christmas but I cannot wait to see Jessica grow to love it too, it’s so exciting to think about the years ahead.

We spent New Year at a friend’s house with a small group, everyone cooked Indian food and we feasted before drinking some Champagne watching the fireworks from around the world on television while the baby’s slept upstairs… it was perfect and just all about I could manage this year!

unnamed  unnamed-1

Now I am enjoying a lovely week of quality time with my husband before he goes back to work with lots of walks and lunches.


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