The big 3-0

December 29, 2013

A little out of date now but I still want to remember my birthday.

It was a very quiet birthday… something I am not used to but I will make right next year…

We took a walk up to Brandon Hill for a hot chocolate float in the glorious November sunshine…

1de83c1640af11e38d8822000aeb419a_5  45207a8c4a0f11e382ff12775b1718f3_5

Then went for a lovely Sunday lunch at our new favourite haunt – the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, where I was surprised by my husband as a huge group of our friends joined us…

6c85c5884a5411e3a58b0e76d35d513f_5  a38f62a04a5411e390ff12de80ce2bd1_5

I was spoiled some more by him in the form of the Lily bag which I have wanted for a long time. In black naturally.

e7a7b02a43f911e3950322000a1fcea7_5  2b45d02e4b7911e3ba4412c54af81bed_5

I also had lots of gorgeous gifts from my friends, chocolates and cashmere, bubble bath, and a treat from my favourite Kate Spade to mention but a few. So very lucky!

e9d78c044d3011e3a0d40eeb204a5406_5 d6729d244c5f11e3b8e31277082b5ce5_5

On my actual birthday a friend and I took a trip to Bath for afternoon tea at the Pump Rooms…

a5a51f124bcb11e39c4d0ee0497810b2_5  aac29e504bd211e39516120a11bdc3c5_5

3f7e1e304bd211e38dac129a914a2d2f_5  91b9ad7c4bd211e3a49e1289c7d7fb63_5

Then that evening I stayed at home, ordered sushi in and enjoyed some wine followed by digging into my chocolate stash. Heaven.

b87ffcf44e3911e39f300e3607e3630b_5  5ac0fd504bd911e39584123223ad70da_5

I also had lunches out with some girlfriends and tea and an amazing victoria sponge for my birthday cake from my Mama.

5e5f1a3a4eba11e39a9912e7a1c8e8c3_5  eccfbe4e4c8c11e3b8000e96f5a90bdf_5

I thought turning 30 would make me feel old but being married with a baby meant that it barely registered, also prehaps because I didn’t have a party… I am saving that till next year when I can drink cocktails and wear a little black dress!

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