Simple Pleasures… Love what You Have

September 10, 2013


I have been thinking about how life has slowed down recently, I have done a lot of exciting things in the past few years.
I found my Mr, went on an amazing trip to Bali with him, moved in and married him, then we went on a trip around the world together and I started carving out a freelance career.

Recently (since we got home) life has been a little more normal, we got to work during the week, see our friends and try to make the most of our weekends… we have had little holidays and trips but I was almost craving another BIG thing.

Life being still and steady though, is good. I think about all the people around the world who would love to be living a normal life without stresses and struggles and then I can really appreciate a quiet weekend at home.

When I appreciate the small things, like a lie in and tea and toast on a Saturday morning with a book or going for a quiet drink at our local pub I realise how good I have it.

Just a thought…

(Of course all of this is about to change for us which might be why I can appreciate the simple times as the next big life event is happening very soon!)


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