Simple Pleasures… Get Happy

September 5, 2013

bike girl

Want a quick feel-happy-right-now suggestion?

Write a thank you to someone. Try it, it works. If you honestly have no thank you’s to write, try your Mum… you can never say enough thank you’s there.
I just had a big pile of thanks you’s to write, it’s one of my favourite things to do. Just writing down why you are grateful for an action or for that friend makes it even more real and makes you think about how lucky you are.

I read once that happiness is 10% circumstance, so only 10% comes from what your life is like, 50% is genetic… but don’t let that stop you trying to be happy if you come from a long line of grumps… and 40% is from what you do with your life. A big difference can be made by you and what you choose to do day-to-day.

Try looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses, try to always see the positive, it may be hard in some situations but if you practise this eventually it will become habit. I definitely used to be more scathing and negative but it wears you down, now I do try to practise working myself out of a mood – only I can do it, you cannot expect anyone else to cheer you up if you don’t make an effort.

Feeling down?

– Exercise, you know this works… you do! Even going for a walk will pump out those endorphins.
– Call a friend and have a chat, even better meet a friend and have a chat. You may want to hide away, don’t!
– Make a get happy plan – think about what your life needs (big or small) to make you a little happier.

I am making all of these notes for me more than anyone… When I get fed up at the moment I need to remember just had thankful I should be, and when my sleepless nights start I have a feeling I will be a huge grump!



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