I know my Baby

August 16, 2013


This is kind of a get something off my chest post but I hope it is still positive…

One of the biggest moans I find amongst my friends who are also pregnant is the unsolicited ‘advice’. I say advice but it’s not always advice, advice is generally fine but a lot of the time it’s an opinion about something that person thinks you should or shouldn’t do for your baby and I have to say it is really annoying, and I think sometimes outright rude.

Mostly I have been lucky I haven’t had a lot of this but when it has happened it has felt so very judgy, passive aggressive and sometimes un-considered – no-one else knows, how or why we have made the decision we have so how on earth do they feel they can tell me it’s wrong. Judging is one of the those things that drives me crazy.

The one phrase my friends have said to me over and over is that you have to do whats right for you. Makes sense right?

Without sounding like I know everything, because I am well aware I do not, every decision made for our baby is the best for our baby because she is our baby and we have her best interests at heart.
My husband and I decide on everything together, there are issues one of us feels more strongly on than the other, there have been things we don’t agree on but we will always made these decisions together. We always do what is right for us and our baby.
We have, for every decision made so far, researched for hours (not exaggerating) when necessary, agonised (seriously) over all of them but ultimately are happy every decision made so far.

I am told this is just the beginning… and then when she arrives it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

I am writing this so I can remember when I am a Mama and people around me have babies I will only give advice when asked, and when I am asked will tell them my experience but not try to influence their view with my own. My friends are good at this so I hope to follow their example!

What is it about parenthood that makes people think it’s okay to do this?

We were given a mantra at one of the classes I go to and mine was I know my baby better than anyone else, and it’s true. She is, at moment, with me and me alone. I know her and no-one else does, so how can anyone advise me on whats right for me or her. Even when she arrives and isn’t all mine anymore her Dad and I will be the ones that know her best.

Something to remember!



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  1. Love her pose she looks adorable 🙂

    Vintage Inspired Girls

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