Last Week

August 12, 2013

Looking back to last week…

I wrote a lot of thank you cards, and hello baby cards!

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We went out for Indian food and I had a delicious glass of red wine for a friend’s birthday… such a treat. 

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Somehow I have become obsessed with chocolate, I couldn’t get enough of these hots chocolate flakes last week, despite the heat! 

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We are still making little adjustments at home, adding shelves here and there and tidying up, it’s so nice to change things up every now and again, and makes me look at the house anew again. Adding flowers is my favourite, quickest way to do this. 

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Saturday morning I made French toast with bacon, berries, syrup, yogurt and syrup. Then I went for coffee and cheesecake with a friend and shopped for bits for dinner… much sweetness had that morning!

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My sister-in-law and her boyfriend came to stay Saturday night and we stayed in making cocktails with fresh melon (mine were virgin of course) and a mountain of Greek food… My Mr made hummous and baba ganoush and I made calamari with some amazing squid from Love the Fish Shop, then halloumi, marinated lamb kebabs and a greek salad. It was amazing. I am not sure we needed all of that food but we loved it.

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It was the Balloon Fiesta in Bristol this weekend, which is one of those weekends you really love your city as it’s such a symbol of the city having the balloons in the sky. We were too busy to actually make it up to the fiesta but we watched from our front door on Saturday night with cocktails in our hands.

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Sunday was even slower… I had a lazy morning on my own while everyone went climbing so made a nice breakfast and played about with the nursery, arranging her things on a new shelf and working out where some new prints will go.

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Then we went for Sunday lunch in Wiltshire at my in-laws new place which is now a 40 minutes drive instead of 2-3 hours, amazing.

And now it’s Monday again… I only have 3 weeks left at work but I am seriously struggling now… so another quiet week is needed to help me along!



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