Mama Idols

August 6, 2013


I have been thinking a lot about all the Mama’s I know recently… basically about how amazing they all are!

From my own Mum to my friends I am very lucky to have some awesome ladies around me for inspiration.

Entering motherhood can feel so daunting, my ‘baby-brain’ thinks of nothing but baby and the future person she will be and how I can help her to become the best she can be.
My Mum did a great job, so many of the ways I was brought up will be the same to how I do things, and I know she really didn’t have it easy. 
All of my friends have such amazing kids, I mean seriously lovely children that are growing up to be seriously awesome people. I need their tips!

Also my friends give me hope for life after baby, I know everything is going to change, I also know I have no concept of how much but I also know that life isn’t over – as believe it or not some strangers have tried to tell us!
They all look amazing, you think this is unimportant maybe but it’s not, getting my body back and being fit and healthy will be a priority for me because it always has been – I am just a happier person in general when I feel good about myself.
I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look, dare i say it, even better than before. Glowy, fit, confident, relaxed, slim are some of the words that come to mind with my friends. I am even more in awe of them all now that I was before, having some sort of idea of what their bodies have all been through.

I am watching and learning from all these wise women around me, and asking too… what did you do?

I won’t always follow their path because we will find our very own way but it is so nice to have my network of Mama-idols.

Some amazing motherhood tips!

Who has some Mama-idol stories for me?



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