Swoon Round Up

July 19, 2013

It has been an insanely busy week, I had one night at home and that was on Monday…

Tonight me and my Mr are shopping for the last couple of big baby purchases and going for an alfresco dinner, then tomorrow I am very excited about a big BBQ at a friend’s house in the country and Sunday I am off for a few days of relaxation at Ragdale Hall for lots of pool time and a mama massage…

A quick round-up of some things I have seen recently that have to be shared!

In this weather I am dying of jealously over these amazing swimming pools


I am LUSTing over this ring… like seriously.


I still can’t stop watching this Rihanna video, I do love her, you may not… but this video is raw and beautiful.

I love this little marriage tip… it’s a good one, we don’t tend to argue very often but whenever we do I make sure to say this afterwards… in an argument that might be about something trivial this would definitely work.

These shoes by Sophie Webster are super cute, probably wouldn’t work for me right now but what a perfect Summer wedding shoe!


An amazing movie with elderly couples talking about their wedding song… this totally make me tear up.

Let the Good Stuff stick – great advice from Oh Joy about remembering the good things that happen, not the bad.

 A real-life love at first sight story. Amazing.

THIS cake… my god Smitten Kitchen rules.

Successful people get up early… something I always have trouble with. This made me think I should change my morning lie in for a least having a coffee with the news instead, and possible even a workout!


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