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July 10, 2013

I wanted to share some wonderful reads with you… pregnancy reads of course!

Great with Child was recommended by A Cup of Jo and is letters from a mother to her friend who was about to become a mother… such lovely thoughts and insights and anytime it is all becoming too much, or I am scared I read a letter from here and it gets me all happy and excited for my babes arrival…


For all the Mamas out there I high recommend it, it’s a beautiful read so far.

I am also reading Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth, slightly more specific here, I am going to try to have as natural a birth as possible (in a hospital – mix and match!) and this book is providing me with a lot of positive birth stories – the only kind you need to hear in the run up to your own in my opinion – and then further along there are techniques to help with contractions and the pain and tiredness etc. It’s a really great book and although I have no idea what lies ahead for me and my birth I am feeling so prepared already.


Recommended by my doula and my yoga teacher and a ton of friends, everyone agrees this book is wonderful.

A book that has kept me sane from the beginning of my pregnancy is The Rough Guide – Pregnancy and Birth, leant to me by a friend it is funny and sarcastic, with little week by week diaries from a lady who makes my own pregnancy seem like a piece of cake as hers progresses and she suffers from every little thing you could think of, it made me feel better about any ‘fun’ side effects I had. It’s also very real, there is no pushing of one point of view and gives you all options.


I also have What to Expect when you are expecting which is great to have on hand as it is very comprehensive, however it is a little patronising in places (the chapter for your partner is hilarious) but as a book to turn to if something a little strange is happening it’s great as it has ALL the information you could possibly need.

I also have the app on my friend which gives you fun updates on what size fruit or vegetable your baby is as they grow, and a little advice page every day, plus a week by week run down of your baby’s development, which is lovely to read.

If anyone has any other baby reads for later on I’d love to hear them!


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