Pregnancy Skin Essentials

June 26, 2013

Since about 3 months, when what I thought then was a bump (now I laugh that I thought that little curve was a bump) I have been obsessive about looking after my skin. If I can help it I do not want stretch marks… it might be inevitable but I am going to do everything in my power to try to avoid it. So far so good, though I still have a fairly small bump so I am not hopeful!

Anyway… here are the products I have loved, I have tried a lot of different creams and oils over the past few months.

Mama Mio products are amazing, I was given a gift set early one and used every last drop of everything, they are also all natural so very good for skin and baby.

I am down to the last of my super rich body cream, and it really is rich, and thick and luxurious. I will be buying more a little goes a hell of a long way so don’t be put off by the price.


The oil was also amazing, but I am applying oil morning and night so ran out quite quickly… I would recommend it. 


I also tried the tummy rub, which I applied over the top of the oil ‘sealing’ it, I want some more of this but in the mean time am using any body butters/lotions I have which feels almost as good.


A recent gift was the Elemis Japanese camellia oil, again expensive but this is not for slathering all over. I apply a little each evening and its gorgeous. The scent is lovely and has become part of my night time routine. It’s not too greasy and sinks in really well so perfect for applying before bed.


I am of course like most Mum’s to be addicted to Bio-Oil which is cheap and cheerful and really works, so I have been told by many Mums.

A few even gave me this at the start and told me to get using it. So I do. I am on my 4th bottle so stock up on any deals you find.


Another great range is the Mum and Me by Cussons which you can find everywhere. I am in love with the bubble bath and the sleep mist. When getting to sleep isn’t so easy a routine does help a little, and I am convinced this mist does too, plus it smells amazing.



A huge supply of body butter is definitely essential, I have used so many different ones but I love the Body Shop ones, they are super thick and smell amazing. I slather this on after the bio-oil at the moment.


My tummy has never been so well looked after!

P.S. Mums to be, don’t forget your boobs, sides and bum too… they are all susceptible. *sob*


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