Last Week…

June 17, 2013

It has been a busy couple of weeks for me with two trips away but I did have a weekend at home in between…

We returned from Greece to a sunny UK, which was much appreciated as was this beautiful pink sky as we drove into Bristol, chocolate covered Oreo’s were my gift to my colleagues and they kept me going through my first day back at my desk…

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I spent most of the week doing what I always do and trying to recreate some holiday vibes, I came home even more obsessed with yogurt after eating beautiful thick Greek yogurt and honey every morning at our hotel and once again watermelon juice so my Husband made a big jug on Sunday and we pretended to be back on the beach…

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I also relished simple dinners and cooked breakfasts at home with coffee and juice, eggs just the way I like them… 

581158a4cecd11e2800322000a1fb420_5  283288ced0d511e2b38022000a9e070a_5

We celebrated my sisters birthday with an evening out in Bath, a naughty dinner of burgers and fries at a favourite stop Hall and Woodhouse (I am in love with the silver ceiling) was delicious and much enjoyed.

13d6edc8cfa111e2b0d822000ae80177_5  ef433342cfbc11e29a4b22000a1fb593_5

On Saturday we headed to Clevedon to walk along the seafront and the pier, where we saw the cutest proposal!  

ff546fe8d03a11e2a65722000a1fbb45_5  d38f80a0d03a11e2bc3322000ae91126_5

Then more birthday treats with a huge chocolate cream cake and champagne picnic on the grass… 

2691bef0d03e11e2b1c522000a9f18eb_5  2552a408d05e11e2bacd22000a9e08df_5

Sunday was just as decadent, and more cream for me with a Sunday lunch in the countryside followed by a tropical mango and passionfruit mess and then headed home to pack for a trip to Paris with my Mama! 

49f3390ed10211e2978e22000a1fb9d3_5  cfcc6f88d13811e2ba6922000a1fb733_5

It might be Monday and I might have just had a week off but I am super tired today and already looking forward to the weekend, that’s bad right?



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