Swoon Recommends… Citizen M

January 28, 2013

A little recommendation today… we stayed in this hotel back in November but I just found these photos.

The main reason why this is such a great find was the price, we paid £115 for a room in London in a cool hotel. The rooms are small, granted, but most in London are and you still pay a premium.

The lobby is very cool…


There are lots of little areas to sit and relax in, in the huge lobby. Spots that you actually want to. I think this is a great attention to detail as the rooms are small this lobby area is quite important. 


decor  gun

When we returned from our evening out we very much enjoyed having cocktails by the fire (again good prices, expensive but in the London bracket not the hotel bracket)… 


chairs  chair2

The bar is open 24 hours, which again is good as the location in the South Bank is not bustling late at night… 




The rooms are small but comfortable, a little like pods. The bed takes up the whole of the end of the room and the bathroom is another small pod within the room.

We loved the toiletries,  the fact you can control everything in the room from the tablet as well as go on the internet, the mood lighting was very fun as well.

The beds are pretty awesome.


So next time you need to stay in London you can’t really go wrong with Citizen M, I think the prices may have gone up a little as we visited when it was brand new.

They have other locations too… I for one cannot wait for Paris to open!


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