Swoon Round Up

January 25, 2013


I am having lunch with my Mama tomorrow, after not seeing her for so long (stupid snow) we are planning her birthday party and a trip to Paris!!

I love these necklaces, I want a little S. In fact her whole range is amaze!

This site is my go-to on my coffee break… this giff had me and a friend in tears yesterday (afternoon hysteria)

I am going to bulk order some Fresh lipbalms, there is no mail order in the UK, but if you email their London store they will send you your order! I also want the new face masks and some perfume. Love their stuff.

I have been drooling over lots of hotels on Tablet, dreaming of a summer get-away

I really want to make this, I have a real thing for peanut butter at the moment.

Coveting some of these PJ’s they are super bright and remind me of summer!

Stocking up on some more Lahloo Tea’s on a trip to their Pantry last night, I cannot recommend them highly enough

I so want to wear these red lips on a night out soon!

A favourite new Etsy stationary find

Photo from here


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