Last Week…

January 14, 2013

The past week, first full week back at work, plus lots of meetings and plans was a bit busy… but fun nonetheless!

I started with a lazy Sunday… a brunch at home, papers and Sunday playlists in the kitchen, before a huge clear out and tidy up of my clothes, jewellery and make up.

It felt great. Now I know what I have and where everything is.

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Then I have a work party, the theme was retro, so I took that as a movie star era, I put on a new sparkly dress, my hair went up in a chignon and wore a red lip…

The first venue was a hotel on the water, there was even a grand piano, no one was playing it though… shame! 

441518ea583011e2902022000a1ddbd3_5  84ff9d2e584611e2ad6322000a9f14f2_5

We started there for cocktails while the caterers and the party organiser set up our big long dinner table.

We had the wonderful Flavoursmith cook for us in our own restaurant… which Michele (my boss at riverstation) organised  along with a quiz and dancing later.

a3eaf6e8584611e29d7122000a1f97c6_5  1b4c426e584711e292b622000a1fb73b_5

The menu was Duck a l’orange, which was a duck pate, a quail and duck meat scotch egg and a duck crackling salad. All delicious, and my first scotch egg ever.

7a773fdc584711e28c8422000a1f931c_5  014d75bc584811e2b95b22000a1fab39_5

 Then for mash it was simply ‘Beef, Mash and Onions’, which was a shin of beef which had certainly been cooked for hours, and fell apart as soon as you touched it, served with the creamiest mash ever seen and fried onions.

Followed by a Cup a’Tea, which was an early grey pannacotta with a lemon jelly set on top. Served in cute china cups this was possibly my favourite course of 3 delicious plates.

26f540ec584811e2b1f822000a1f9751_5  67c94e0e584a11e2b3d922000a9f309f_5

Monday I started the week with an impromptu date night with my Husband, we decided to visit our favourite local spot Souk Kitchen… you know how much I love it there by now. 

We are not drinking this month so the fact that they offer home-made softies was amazing to us. 

cc894afa58ff11e29d6822000a9e0849_5  8f613b66590311e2b9a022000a1fa535_5

We had as always the bread and dips, despite the fact that I had told myself I wouldn’t they are just too good to resist. I also had dessert. A turkish delight dark chocolate pot, with a piece of the delight at the bottom. Possibly even prettiest than my previous dessert.

My week had started well! 

da6eaa44590311e2a73522000a1faf50_5  566c5aa0591411e2948e22000a1f9d45_5

I put some new pretties up around my new desk at work… and had a big clean and tidy at home downstairs too. Feeling ready to tackle the new year now… 

44ca76b6597211e2892d22000a1fb72b_5  a9b6c14259d111e2ada322000a1fbcdb_5

During the week we have been eating a lot of green stuff, and to substitute a glass of wine I have been treating myself to the odd glass of raspberry lemonade and elderflower presse… it’s going well so far (apart from Sunday when I really wanted a glass of red)

67a95c185a9611e29c2822000a1fbe4c_5  27e3d8b85c2d11e2b53822000a1f96e6_5

Friday we had a movie night… we watched The Imposter which is crazy and strange, and leaves you with more questions that you had at the start.

Searching for Sugar Man is inspirational, I would highly recommend you watch it, and watch it without looking into what it is that way there are more surprises, it will leave you sad but happy at the same time.

841fe71a5daa11e2ad7a22000a9f3090_5  a90aa2805c2a11e29c2922000a9e48da_5

Saturday was great, we started with a walk to the shops and my Husband got himself a very sharp suit, then we went to Poco for breakfast. They do amazing coffee, really sweet and not bitter at all. And the fry up is perfect. Not greasy, not too much but enough that you are stuffed. 

37a9ba5c5cae11e2a7ab22000a1f97eb_5  5bed76f85cb111e2868f22000a1f97ea_5

Then we wandered homewards and stopped in at the Arnofini for something sweet, we shared bites of this pretty jewelled carrot cake… 

05dbf2625dab11e2bb5122000a9e2955_5  91872c9e5cc211e299e022000a1fb043_5

Then I went and met my friend India for a long gossip session over hot chocolate and rocky road, and finally got to give her a Christmas present of YSL colouring books. Not many people would appreciate that present and I am glad I know someone who would…

We stayed in the bar for hours talking about all sorts, not exactly putting the world to rights, more our own lives.

4a88a67a5dac11e29a4b22000a1fb593_5  656662525dac11e2948222000a1f9307_5

 Then Sunday, another perfect day…

I lazed around in the morning after a terrible nights sleep. I have a new cozy robe from The White Company and I had the new InStyle glossy and a mug of coffee… I was set…

ae3f93585d6211e286a922000a1fb703_5  454bd5f45d6311e2af5a22000a9f18fb_5

Loved the new season peek… Chanel and Givenchy caught my attention, so pretty, already excited about spring.

943034885d6511e2af8422000a9e28e9_5  447fad7c5d6711e2954322000a9f134e_5

I woke up to the smell of my Husband prepping lunch, we had friends coming and decided to make the ultimate comfort meal… he made the most amazing beef stew, with a beautiful base of vegetables, red wine and shin… served with mash and spinach. I want to eat that again and again.

401e924e5d6611e2b9d422000a1fa429_5  1d3ac3b05d9d11e2b22b22000a1f96e2_5

Then I made an apple crumble for pudding, served with clotted cream ice cream. Delicious… 

8a361aba5dab11e29a4b22000a1fb593_5  a7635c2e5dab11e289dc22000a9f12b0_5

We had lots of fun running around with our friends kids, who are all lovely… Biggie doesn’t think so though so disappearing for most of the day. I made a big fuss of him when he came out from hiding. He needs to realise these little people can’t hurt him and he’s much faster than them anyway! 

af014efe5dac11e2896422000a1fb003_5  c2b0c9665dac11e2b45222000a1f97b0_5

Now that is the kind of weekend I like, I saw lots of my home and lots of friends… I like that. Also lots of delicious food. More please.



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