A New Year, A Fresh Start…

January 10, 2013


So 2013 is here, well and truly. I like to take my time and think about the year ahead and what I want…

I love New Year, I am sure I have said this before. I love a fresh start and a chance to be your best you.

Last year I only made one silly resolution as I was away and mostly thought about that stuff when we returned to the UK in February but two years ago I made these.

I know everyone makes them and then end up breaking them so the last few years mine has been about changing my attitude about things, and generally being more positive.

I have done really well with those. I do wonder how much of it was also just me growing up.

I definitely think as well as making resolutions or lists of things you want to do or be, you must also acknowledge what you are proud of in the past year. Give yourself props for the good stuff!

So this year…

1. To continue to be the most positive person I can be
This is something I always try hard to do, waking up in a grump and walking to work in a foul mood does still happen, I won’t deny that, but nowadays I put a smile on my face and am extra nice to people I don’t want to be nice too and I am soon out of that black mood.
A deep breath and then smile really works no matter how fake it is in the beginning.

2. To continue to work on not worrying
I am a BIG worrier, like sometimes I do my own head in because I am worrying about things I do not need to worry about. This goes hand in hand with feeling guilty… see below.

3. To work very hard on not feeling guilty
There are a few things in my life that make me feel guilty but it comes from within me not the people or the situation so it is definitely something I need to take control of.

4. Get healthy for life.
I am 30 this year… (I know!)
So I am working hard to get back to the super healthy me, the one that goes to the gym standardly so it’s not even a thing. I just do it.
Ditto with healthy food. Treats have become my norm over the last few months. I want to get this right before my birthday and stick with it for life.
This doesn’t mean I am giving up all my favourite things, far from it but I won’t pay the price if I am being good most of the time of being naughty some of the time.

5. Wear lipstick
I was religious about this when we arrived back in the UK after our travels, everyone in Asia was so polished all the time, ditto in California… It always makes me feel good.

That is enough for now I think… it’s all a work in progress but my Husband is all the motivation I need, we both want to be our best selves, we are doing it for ourselves and each other.

I think the past year has been a bit of a whirlwind and I want to be more considered about myself and my home life before anything else now. This has to always come first.


2 Responses to “A New Year, A Fresh Start…”

  1. N Says:

    These are great Sal! You’re so lovely x

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