My New Year…

January 7, 2013

I hope everyone had a great New Year!

We had tickets to a party in Bristol, one where the location is keep secret until the day. They are legendary.

We invited everyone coming to our house first for Mexican food and drinks…

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Then we got in taxis and headed to a mansion just outside of the city for the party, it was kinda hard to find!

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The promoters always go to so much effort, there were multiple party rooms and bars inside, plus you could explore the house freely, then another party in a marquee that looks like an igloo, a bonfire with seating around to keep warm in the garden plus a hut at the back selling hot cider and a seat away from the madness.

My favourite part was some stairs into a tree, and this cocktail caravan.

Their cocktails ruled.

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It was a loooong night, but so much fun. I will never forget dancing to Prince for the first tune of 2013 with everyone and celebrating 4 years of being with my Mr.

We had a few friends to stay and the next day was all about recovery.

I made bacon and eggs for everyone, and we drunk gallons of tea and coffee.

Then mini burritos, pink lemonade and bubble baths…

3598a350543d11e29a5822000a9f15d4_5  3d5431fe55e111e2a50222000a1fb870_5

Before the ultimate hangover activity; red wine, Indian food and movies.

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Highly recommend the above wine, if anyone knows where I can get more do let me know, and food from our favourite delivery spot; Krishna’s Inn, best we have had at home by a mile. They make really authentic (so I am told) Kerala dishes.

Happy New Year once again… hope yours was as fun as mine!


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