Tasty Tuesday… Rocco Chocolates…

November 27, 2012

Tuesday is supposed to be recipe day but instead today I am going to give a recommendation because I love this company so much, and everyone has a tricky gift person so here’s the answer!

Rococo Chocolates

Mostly I love the packaging and the branding, but what’s inside is even better. They support ethical trade fo cocoa farmers too.

This bar is my obsession. I try to always have one in my house.  

I reeeeeeeeeeeally want to try the hot chocolate, and would definitely not hide the pretty box away.

The cat that got the cream chocolate bar… so cute. 

These. Now these are something I try not to have in my house or I become a greedy girl indeed. So. Amazing. 

If you wanted to go all our… this heart shaped box would make any chocolate lover swoon! 

If this post causes you to eat lots of chocolate I am (not) sorry.

You can thank me by sending chocolate.



2 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday… Rocco Chocolates…”

  1. makemeadress Says:

    Yep, this has sooooo made me want to eat all of this chocolate. I’ve already made a Christmas list x

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