My Birthday…

November 23, 2012

My birthday was a while ago now, but as I like to remember everything I thought I would still document it here…

For me this was a very low-key birthday, I didn’t make any big plans as either side of my actual birthday I had a hen weekend and my Husband fight… so I just had a couple of little nights out with my bestest.

Sunday I went to the Pipe and drank pipe dreams… I wanted to stay out all night and dance to garage but I had to meet a bride and groom in the AM so was home by 11!

My husband woke me on my birthday with birthday cake and candles… which was just the sweetest thing ever.


He gave me my present… a trip to London to see Forever Crazy, and then we met for lunch after my meeting and I had the most delicious fish and chips at No. 1 Harbourside


Then my lovely friend Rachel took me out for cheesecake at Lovely Tart and wine at Poco… I know I have said this 100 times but I am going to miss her so much… 


I managed to visit quite a few of my favourite Bristol spots that day.

I met my Dad one evening for a little shopping trip in beautiful Bath… we ate pie and mash in a proper ale pub down a backstreet and he brought me a beautiful cable knit jumper I have been lusting over for ever… 


I got spoiled by girlfriends… with tea and cookies, presents, strawberries and cream and more wine… 


Then another night out with Rachel… basically I was seeing her every night I could before she leaves for Asia… I started my Christmas shopping and admired the lights before meeting her for wine and hot dogs at The Bank… 


These hot dogs were so good, but so bad. I am definitely going to need to visit here again…


My Mama brought me the coolest heart studded trainers and took me to one of my most favourite places to eat (but somewhere I never get to) Maitreya Social in Easton.

It’s an amazing vegetarian restaurant. We shared some really tasty beetroot and carrot cakes with beetroot carpaccio and orange dressing, then I had an amazing butternut squash and applewood smoked cheddar tarte tatin, I need to try to replicate that at home…

I finished with some amazing coconut macaroons with Chantilly cream and blackcurrant sorbet. So good.

I highly recommend you visit very soon.


And of course there was my amazing trip to London with my Husband… which you can see here


Tonight I am having dinner with friends, my two favourite uni boys as we all share a birthday but have been too busy to celebrate together… and many more people I don’t see nearly enough of. I’m hoping for some drunken fun with old friends.

Thank you to everyone for such a lovely birthday.


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