Last Week…

November 20, 2012

I am back… from a great weekend.

I love when I have done something different to share, I am sure you all get bord of hearing about another chilled weekend at home!

Friday I had a long day at my day job before checking in at riverstation, after finding the inbox nice and tidy I found I had an hour to myself and so I was treated to a glass of wine by a friend and I sat and flicked through a magazine and had some quiet time (first chance all week).

I then went to join my friend Rachel for her final Bristol goodbye meal before she jets off to Asia… I ate delicious scallops with apple and drank too much wine (drowning my sorrows, she better come back!).


Saturday I finally got my butt back to the gym, much-needed I can tell you before eating a naughty/healthy lunch of bacon (a birthday present – the BEST bacon I have ever had) and avocado on seeded bread… while Biggie lazed around on the floor.


Then that night my Husband had a boxing match, he had been training for 10 weeks to learn how to box with 31 other guys… then they matched them up for a proper match. So me and some friends went to cheer him on.

I wore my wedding shoes for luck (didn’t work).

The set up was crazy, like a proper match… it must have been so nerve-wracking for the guys, it was bad enough for me. Adam was second and I was shaking like a leaf when he walked out, my heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to burst through my chest.

I am so proud of him, its such an achievement and I think he’ll do it again next year… now he knows a little more than he did he’ll win next time for sure.

I also drank far too much wine.


We enjoyed lovely winter weather, with an amazing sunset on Saturday night and beautiful clear blue skies on Sunday morning… 


Sunday my Husband took me to London for the night for a late birthday treat… 


We went for a mooch around Covent Garden, where I spent most time in my favourite store Kate Spade… sometimes I think they make their lines just me for I love everything so much! 



Then we went for a roast at Hawksmoor


It was easily the best classic roast dinner we have had. I followed up with salted caramel rolos. Amaze. 


Then, having eaten a huge roast we went to check into our hotel and lie down for an hour…

We stayed at Citizen M in Southwark. It’s very good and great value due to the rooms being smaller – which London rooms generally are anyway.

I’ll share more from the hotel soon…



We had tickets for Crazy Horse so walked from our hotel along the river… 


Before going to watch those crazy ladies dance. I loved the neon lights…


It was so much fun!

It is pretty weird and very avant-garde… it is French after all. I loved the fun cheeky numbers the best (Baby Buns!)… and Kelly Brook was very funny with her Miss Bisou.


Then we went and had cocktails by the fire back at the hotel before snacking on ice cream in our pod bed. Oh my apple pie is the shizzle. 


On Monday we had a very lazy morning… eating croissants and granola with cappuccinos in bed before making our way back to Covent Garden to have lunch with my father-in-law… via jewellery swooning and the Chanel pop up… 


Also waving to the Queen and her corgies… and loving this pop up kitchen store. 


Then we went for hamburgers at Byron


After drinking far too much all weekend all I can handle was a real lemonade… but I loved the pale ale label on my husbands beer.


The burgers are so good… I had the Mo, which had cheese and pickles… After beef two days in a row I was stuffed… and dreading the tube.

I do not know how Londoners do it every day… why so pushy and angry? Oh yeh the tube!

Luckily my Father-in-law let us borrow his driver and we got chauffeured to Paddington past all the sites… where I actually waved to the Queen.  I wish I could have this all the time!


Amazing weekend, big thanks to Adam for an amazing birthday.



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