Last Week…

November 13, 2012

So I haven’t blogged for a week… I was ill with flu for the majority of last week. So ill that all I could do was drink lots of medicine and snuggle on the sofa with Biggie the cat.


I was the kind of ill where I regressed to being 5 years old. All I wanted to eat was children’s food, so lots of soft-boiled eggs and soldiers, potato waffles and smilies were eaten. Also when i finally started to get better… sticky buns from Marks Bread (who now have a cafe!).


I was in a rush to get better for the weekend because it was my wonderful friend Hannah’s hen weekend. Luckily for me the plan was a lovely quiet weekend in Devon. We stayed in gorgeous beach huts right by the sea…


The views were simply amazing… and the weather was so good, clear blue skies and sunshine even if it was a little chilly.


We stayed in Shaldon, a picture perfect village that Hannah’s family have been visiting since the 1950’s. The place is in her DNA. 


We went for a few sunshine walks along the promenade… 


We ate sausage rolls and delicious cake from another hen; Hannah who is a very talented baker… you can check her cakes here… she made the prettiest victoria sponge covered in white roses. 


We visited lovely pubs and ate french fries and ketchup… I still hadn’t quite moved on to proper food…


We drank Mojitos and Bubbles… 


We went to the village zoo and saw monkeys and parrots, then took a ferry ride to the next town… 


We ate local cheese and home-made bread by the fire in a sweet cafe… 


Before snacking even more on pasties and cream teas… 


It rained a little too so we took shelter in the arcade, as you do when you are by the sea and it rains… playing on the two pence machines… 


We wandered around the cute town saying hi to the locals and enjoying the cute front doors… 


We visited Hannah’s favourite restaurant Ode and ate really delicious, organic, local food. My salt marsh lamb was so good and the cheese board was so big… I somehow managed to do it some damage though.



It was such an amazing weekend, the perfect send off for Hannah before she gets married, and a big thank you to Hannah W for organising such a fun time.

I’m already missing the beach huts, the lovely girls and the gorgeous views! 


I also got some early birthday presents… so exciting…


I am still a little under the weather and have an unbelieveable amount of work to catch up on, plus its my birthday week (woo!) so it might take me a little while to get the blog back to normal… give me a week!



2 Responses to “Last Week…”

  1. We love your photo story of Shaldon 🙂 Lots of get well wishes and Christmas cheer from all of us at ODE-truefood (cafe-ODE and ODE-dining).

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