Last Week…

October 29, 2012

So last week was a busy one… I have so much work on at the moment any relaxation time is being enjoyed to the max…

Early on I had a meeting with the lovely Anna Tyler Cakes about developments for You Make Me Swoon… I got to taste wedding cakes, so fun. Her kitchen full of cakes is so pretty.


I have been craving simplicity and comfort this week, mostly because of the change in the weather… its gotten serious cold now, but also because I am so busy.

I am eating lots of plain roasted baked potatoes with delicious salads and steamed veggies are hitting the spot like only they can. Also cookies… There is something so childlike about a glass of milk and some warm cookies.


I did manage to fit a date in with my Husband who took me out for a classic dinner and a movie date. We pretended we were back in LA for a moment… and went to our favourite sushi spot then for frozen yogurt…


We couldn’t pretend for long though on such a spooky misty night! We went to see Beasts of the Southern Wild… which I loved. It is very dark and quite upsetting but really good. A beautiful film. 


One new thing this week is that I am ‘fasting’ from 8pm until 12pm…

I am using quotation marks because I am obviously asleep for most of that time… but the hardest thing is that you cannot have any calories, at all, That includes drinks…

I have become addicted to finishing my meal with a few chocolate covered almonds to fill me up and then drinking peppermint tea for the rest of the evening. From my posh china of course.


Friday we had a big colourful wedding at riverstation… I loved the details… there were so many! Cute vases of random flowers, hessian runners, pretty pastel sugared almonds, love quotes from tv, movies and books on every place setting(dedication) and names in scrabble letters…


I loved the riot of colour even more… the cake table was laden with tons of sweets and the brides huge bouquet was gorgeous… heaven knows how she held that all day…

The best detail of all was the olive oil and beautiful bright green olives brought all the way from Italy by the grooms extended family. So amazing.


Friday was a laid back cooking for friends affair. I made my favourite risotto and the girls brought wine and jelly and ice cream for dessert… we all went to school together and it was fun hanging out, we don’t get to do it very often.


Then huge excitement on Saturday morning as we went for our final Bridesmaid dress fitting at Alexandra King… and heard all about the wedding details coming together from my friend Hannah. I am so excited to be her bridesmaid and cannot wait for her Christmas extravaganza wedding!


 The studio is girl heaven, stacks of fashion books, sparkly shoes, and pretty dressmaking paraphernalia everywhere…


Afterwards we all went to lovely Axbridge in Somerset, I seriously adore this part of the South West, it’s so dreamy out in the fields and the towns are too cute.

We found the prettiest tea rooms with huge beams and stained glass windows…


And I ate a monster sized portion of tangy Somerset cheese on toast before a little wander around the sunny town square…



Afterwards I stayed in the country for a friend’s birthday, with lots of bubbles, red wine and kiddos running around I had no time for photographs. I was so exhausted after all the peekaboo and running around playing tag games I went home and drank tea, ate chocolate and read my book until bed. On Saturday night. Rock and roll. 


Sunday was just as chilled… a marathon reading session, I am so in love with Anna Karenina, Tolstoy describing the Russian countryside could almost make me give up the hazy South West.

There was also a few hours of catching up on work before Monday, some slow roasted mexican pork and a huge hot chocolate to warm me up after a cold farmers market run…



Heres to another busy week… I’ll tell you why on wedding Wednesday!


2 Responses to “Last Week…”

  1. Jesse Says:

    really loved all the pictures

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